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Daa! Daa! Daa! anime, manga, and gaming series by Kawamura Mika images, info, and chapter summary. Part of a diverse shoujo anime, manga, video gaming, and live-action Japanese drama website.
Daa! Daa! Daa!
"Daa! Daa! Daa!" is a wacky & silly romantic comedy manga by Kawamura Mika (Taiho Shite Mi~na!, Awasete 1ppon!) which is running in Nakayosi manga magazine.

Manga - 6 volumes so far

Daa! Daa! Daa!

by Kawamura Mika

TV Anime - ? episodes

Daa! Daa! Daa!

Game - Game Boy Color

Daa! Daa! Daa!

Don't let this sweet picture fool you.... Ryu and co. are wild and super humorous!
Story Intro
This fun and cute romantic comedy story follows the adventures of Miyu, a typical teenage girl; Kanata, the boy she lives with and gets mad at; Ryu, an alien baby with magical powers; and Wannyaa, his talking & transforming cat. Ryu lands on Earth in a UFO and thinks Miyu and Kanata are his parents. Now they must raise him together, without letting their friends find out about his powers. Miyu's life gets difficult what with Ryu calling them "Manma" and "Panpa" in public, people getting crushes on both her and Kanata, a toddler girl claiming to be Ryu's girlfriend, and much more.
Chapter 1 Summary
Miyu's mother and father go off to America to work for NASA and she's left in Japan alone. She goes looking for her uncle and discovers his house is a shrine. That evening she is taking a bath and, just as she is getting out of the water, she hears a voice calling out "I'm home!" and footsteps growing louder. Then the door slides open and a boy is standing in the doorway. They stare at each other for a moment and he manages to say "Eh?" before she yells and throws a bowl of water at him. The boy leaves the room while she is still fuming and he goes to the old man he calls Oyaji, who is his uncle. He asks who that was (the bowl still on his head). Miyu, in the other room, says she can't believe this as she wraps her towl around her. Later they are introduced by Oyaji. The boy is Kanata. He lives at the shrine with his uncle and is also Miyu's classmate. Kanata continually gets Miyu angry by what he says to her.
That night, while in bed, Miyu decides she wants to call her mother in America and goes to Kanata's room to ask about a phone. She opens the door to see.... Kanata without a shirt on. Miyu gets embarassed and Kanata throws his pajamas on her head so she can't see. This gets her mad yet again.
It turns out he was changing his clothes to go outside and see about a noise he'd heard. Miyu says he doesn't need to go out there, but he ignores this and takes a flashlight. Miyu accompanies him. They open the door to see a light in the sky. It zooms in between them into the room. They hear "Ah. Da. Ah." coming from inside the room.
Kanata shines the flashlight and they see a tiny UFO with a cute baby in it who smiles at them. "Ah. Da. Ma.... ah. Da," it says, floating out of the spacecraft. Miyu apologizes for saying that the noise was nothing, and asks what she is seeing.
"A baby in a UFO," Kanata replies dryly. "I think."
Both teens point at the baby. It points back at them. "Ah," he says. He floats over and pulls on Kanata's face and Miyu's hair. He grasps Miyu's skirt, and Kanata happens to be standing behind her while it gets pulled up.
They decide the baby is probably hungry and give it a carton of milk which, amazingly, he is able to drink with a straw. The two figure that they had better watch the baby for the night because it would be bad to leave him by himself.
The next morning Miyu wakes to see Kanata lying asleep next to her on a futon. She sits up with a start (about to yell but manages not to), and then sees that the baby is sleeping between them.
Kanata and the baby wake up, and Kanata grabs the baby before it floats around again. The baby holds onto the sleeves of both of them. "Man... ma," he says smiling. "Panpa."
"Mama?" asks Miyu.
"Papa?" asks Kanata. They look at each other as the baby grins happily.
"Hey! Wait a minute!!"
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