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"D€N€ANGEL" is a manga series by Sugisaki Yukiru (Brain Powered, Academy of Goddess, Sotsugyou M) which is running in the manga magazine ASUKA. It's the story of a boy who, on his 14th birthday, discovers he transforms into the mysterious thief Dark whenever he sees the girl he likes.... and he gets transformed back only when he sees her sister! The manga has been compiled into 3 books so far.

Manga - 3 volumes


by Sugisaki Yukiru

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Story Intro

Niwa Daisuke finds himself blushing when he looks at a very pretty girl in his class named Risa. On his 14th birthday he comes home from school and goes into his room where he is greeted by With, his cute rabbit-like pet. Daisuke replays Risa saying his name from earlier that day in his head, when suddenly he feels hot. Something starts happening with his DNA and he is transformed into an older, decidely different, form. He demands his mother explain this, and she can't help from oohing and ahhing over how great he looks. Finally he finds out that he's the legendary mysterious thief Dark Mousey, or Dark for short, awakened by his feelings for love! With, he learns, is a magical creature who attaches to his shoulders and transforms, giving Dark wings. Together they're supposed to steal valuable items for Daisuke's parents.

Despite the fact that Daisuke isn't exactly pleased with this situation, it seems that Dark has somewhat a mind of his own! So off they go. Daisuke's best friend Saehara just happens to be interested in catching the phantom thief on film, and the police and the TV news are trying to nab him as well. To add to the adventure, Dark keeps running into the mysterious Hiwatari, a boy in Daisuke's class. Daisuke can't figure out what's going on with the unnerving guy. It appears to everyone in school that Hiwatari might like him....!

Daisuke soon discovers that he transforms whenever he sees Risa, and detransforms whenever he sees her sister, Riku. Unfortunately for him, his mom knows about this and keeps photos of the girls on hand!

This is an intriguing, fun, and interesting story with an original art style and cute characters. It's humorous to watch Daisuke deal with unwanted transformations at school and wrestle with Dark about decisions. ^_^ It's really a romantic triangle at heart, as Risa gets a major crush on Dark and Daisuke begins to like Riku. =)

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