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Idol Densetsu Eriko

Legendary Idol Eriko

"Idol Densetsu Eriko" is a dramatic idol anime TV series which has 51 episodes. There is also a music video called "Idol Densetsu Eriko: The Prelude" which contains songs from the series set to clips from the show and Tanemura Eriko's live performance.

Manga - 3 volumes

Idol Densetsu Eriko

by Kawahara Ayumi

TV Anime - 51 episodes

Idol Densetsu Eriko

OAV Anime & Live Action Music Video

Idol Densetsu Eriko: The Prelude

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This page is an intro to the series, based on the article from KASHA.

Story Intro

14-year-old Eriko and her parents, Yusuke and Minako, prepare to go to the grand opening of Marine Live Stage, a fabulous new underwater theatre created by Yusuke's record company, Tamura Productions. Meanwhile, at Marine Live Stage, Asagiri Rei, the planned singing star of the grand opening, mounts the stage to rehearse her current hit, "Unchained Heart". As Rei finishes the first verse of her song, a technician waves her off the stage, but she shakes her head. She has no intention of missing this chance to sing for the man that she has secretly held a crush on for years, the CEO of Tamura Productions himself.... Eriko's father!

The Tamura family make their descent to the theatre inside a clear elevator. Suddenly, the doors slide open, and Eriko finds herself awash with Rei's powerful music!

As Rei finishes her song, Yusuke applauds. Everyone gathers around the boss, but Rei immediately takes his arm. He turns her around and introduces her to his wife and his daughter. As the two girls' gazes meet, a genuine electricity flashes between them - a sense of rivalry... and could it be, destiny?

That night at the party before the concert Eriko is waiting with her father's right-hand man, Uchida, and his son Kazuki. Suddenly a young man darts through the crowd and hurries toward Eriko. Reaching her, he leans over and whispers in her ear.... What!? Eriko's parents have been in a car accident?! Her father is dead, and her mother is in a deep coma?! Eriko's heart freezes in shock - the next thing she knows, she's at her father's bedside in

the hospital, with other family members standing in the doorway. She collapses in tears, her world crashing around her, not knowing what will happen next - or caring.

Meanwhile, Eriko's uncle Kosuke is very satisfied with himself. He would never have wished for his brother to die, but since it has happened, and Minako is in a coma, he is left as Eriko's sole guardian and in charge of Tamura Productions. What an excellent opportunity to show that he is much better suited to lead than his brother!

After a seaquake disrupts the rescheduled grand opening at Marine Live Dome, Eriko finds herself singing to calm the crowd. Uncle Kousuke immediately decides Eriko might just be Tamura Productions next big hit and is determined to hone and use her talents for his own gains - without consulting her.

Eriko's loyal friends came to her rescue and help her train in secret for a debut performance of her own song, "Locomotion Dream", written for her by her father and mother. Then Uchida manages to force Kosuke to relinquish legal control of Eriko to himself, but this does not sit well with Kousuke.

Now Kousuke tries to sabotage Eriko's popularity. Kosuke's persistence eventually bears fruit, and he arranges for a scandal to destroy Eriko's image.

Eriko slowly makes a comeback from this setback, enduring equipment failures, bad weather, vocal strain, and perverted boys. Her genuine charm and talent eventually win Rei's respect and friendship, and the two girls find a common ground in their grief over Yusuke's death. Kosuke cannot allow this, though, and plants the seeds of dischord in Rei's heart by telling her that Yusuke was her father. Rei does not want to believe him, but he shows her pictures from the family album that support his story. She becomes totally confused - she doesn't want to believe Kosuke, but the truth seems inescapable, and she begins to resent Eriko....

Eriko faces many ups and downs, but her popularity as an idol singer continues to grow. However, after a while the enormous drain on her begins to tell. She begins to suffer an emotional crisis, unsure of just who or what she is, and what she is doing. She seems unable to ever have any time for herself, to just be a normal girl. The pressure on her is incredible - so what does she do now?

If you're familiar with the incredibly dramatic story elements of shows like Marmalade Boy or Wedding Peach and enjoyed them, you won't be disappointed by Idol Densetsu Eriko.

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