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 Hoshi no Duet Funny Twin

The Duet from the Stars, Funny Twins

"Hoshi no Duet Funny Twin" is likely a TV anime series. It could be a mahou shoujo show, and may have a manga. If you know any additional info, or of a source to get some episodes, please e-mail me at:

TV Anime ?

Hoshi no Duet Funny Twin

Story Intro

Ai and Yuu are twins from the planet Kristan (their names are a pun: "I" and "You") who come to Earth with their cute bunny pets, Mimi and Toto, by way of a special gemstone. They attend Machimura School. Ai is a very feminine girl who loves fashion and pretty dresses. Yuu is cheerful and bright, and quite the tomboy.

I think Funny Twin would be a mahou shoujo series from the pictures I have, but I don't know anything more about it. I only have a paper doll set from the early '80s. The series (I assume it was a TV show) looks excellent. I have not seen a mention anywhere on the Web about it. I really want to see Funny Twin. Okay, realistically, I want to see it more than any other anime! I've stared at my beautiful kisekae for so many years wanting to find it. Any leads, or any series info at all, would be greatly appreciated!

Please look at the scans I've uploaded! This art is amazing. (And perhaps you've happened to see this show but maybe just didn't know its name.)

Front of Funny Twin Book

Back of Funny Twin Book

Funny Twin Info and Profiles

Funny Twin Alien Supergirl Outfits!

Undressed Dolls (in underwear)

Dressed Up for a Dance

Seifuku and Shopping Outfit

Everyday Clothes

Undressed Rabbits

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