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Alliances, cliques, and doumei of Kappa Defence, a Harry Potter fanart website.

My favorite Harry Potter book is Year 3!
Japanese cover of "Harii Potaa to Azukaban no Shuujin"
~ Lupin ~

Lupin Lover's Union

~ Sirius ~

Sirius Black Union
~ Marauder's Map ~

Mahou Itazura Shikakenin Doumei
Magic Mischievious Instigators Alliance
~ Weasley Family ~

Rupert Ron Doumei
Rupert Ron Alliance
Ron Love

Ron Festival

Futago Ron Doumei
Twins & Ron Alliance
trick with twins

Futago Suki
I Like the Twins
Futago Suki
I Like the Twins

Akage Yuu no Kai
Society for Friends of Red-heads

Weasley Doumei
Weasley Alliance
Weasley Love
~ General ~


lumos! j harry

´ harry is simply magick ª


Harry Potter Doumei
Harry Potter Alliance
Harry Potter Hoguwa Doumei
Harry Potter Hogwarts Alliance

Fukurou Doumei
Owl Alliance
Harry Potter Love Doumei
Harry Potter Love Alliance

Harry Union
Love Harry Potter

Quiddich Supporters

Magic of Potter

Hogwarts Doumei
Hogwarts Alliance
Hari Pota Doumei
Harry Potter Alliance

Magical: a Harry Potter Clique>


Student Counsel Hogwarts


Harry Potter Personalities


HP buttons

The Patronus


Life in Dreams

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