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 Omajinai Idol Lyrical Lena

? Idol Lyrical Lena

"Omajinai Idol Lyrical Lena" is likely a TV anime series. It could be a magical girl show, and may have a manga.

TV Anime?

Omajinai Idol Lyrical Lena

Story Intro

Lyrical Lena is from the same time as Funny Twin and also looks very enjoyable. It's an idol anime, obviously, but I suppose it could be magical girl as well. There are a number of imaginary characters in it - a fairy, witch, elf, cute oni, etc.

I think Lyrical Lena would be TV series from the pictures I have, but I don't know anything more about it. I only have a paper doll set from the early '80s. I have not seen a mention anywhere on the Web about it. I really want to see Lyrical Lena. I've wanted to find it for years now. Any leads, or any series info at all, would be greatly appreciated!

Please look at the scans I've uploaded! This art is amazing. (And perhaps you've happened to see this show but maybe just didn't know its name.)

Front of Lyrical Lena Book

Idol Lena

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