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Info/images of the Takarazuka Revue, Japanese all-female theatre troupes that perform musicals.

"Michaelangelo" musical with "VIVA!" revue will be performed September 29 to November 4 at the Takarazuka Grand Theatre. By Flower Troupe, starring Aika Mire, Ootori Rei, Takumi Hibiki, Juri Sakiho, and Haruno Sumire.
"Castelle Mirage" musical with "Dancing Spirit!" revue will be performed November 16 to December 25 at the Takarazuka Grand Theatre. By Cosmos Troupe, starring Wao Youka, Hanafusa Mari, Kozuki Wataru, and Iori Naoka.
"Ai Moeru" musical with "Rose Garden" revue will be performed October 10 to November 12 at the Takarazuka Grand Theatre. By Snow Troupe, starring Todoroki Yuu, Tsukikage Hitomi, Emao Yuu, and Kozuki Wataru.
"Chi to Suna" musical will be performed from October 20 to October 29 at Takarazuka Bow Hall, and from November 2 to November 8 at the Tokyo Tokubetsu Kouen (Tokyo Special Theatre), which apparently is the Nihon Seinankan in Setagaya. By Moon Troupe, starring Shiomi Maho and Oozora Yuhi.
"Versailles no Bara 2001 ~ Oscar to Andre Hen" musical will be performed August 17 to October 1 at the Takarazuka Grand Theatre. By Star Troupe, starring Minoru Kou, Hoshina Yuri, and Ayaki Nao.
"Hana no Narihira" musical with "Southern Cross Revue" revue will be performed November 9 to December 23 at the Tokyo Takarazuka Theatre. By Star Troupe, starring Kouju Tatsuki, Hatsukaze Midori, Shikaze Kou, and Ayaki Nao.
Ticket prices and reservation phone numbers are at:
A synopsis for "Michaelangelo" is at the official Takarazuka English site, and others will be added soon:
"Chi to Suna" is based on the novel "Sangre y arena", a.k.a. Blood and Sand. If you do an internet search, you can find out info about the storyline.
The phone number for Tokyo Tokubetsu Kouen is 03-5251-2071.
I do not know where this theatre is located, but the Japan Travel-Phone service by Japan National Tourist Organization is for visitors to the Tokyo region. English-speaking travel experts can be contacted from 9-5 daily at 03-3201-3331. They can probably provide you with directions to theatres, and may be able to make a ticket reservation for you as well.
"Michaelangelo" / "VIVA!" is top star Aika Mire's final show before she retires. She is my favorite for many reasons and I recommend her most highly, but you'd need to call for tickets as soon as possible!
Wao Youka, Hanafusa Mari, Kozuki Wataru, and Iori Naoka are starring in "Castelle Mirage" / "Dancing Spirit!", and all of them are exceptional dancers. It seems like a show I'd be very interested in buying after it is released on video.
"Ai Moeru" / "Rose Garden" stars Todoroki Yuu, who is excellent at expression in her face. Her acting is top-notch; she won a Japanese acting award for her latest show and I could totally see why when I watched the video. She seems most like a man of the current top stars, in my opinion. Emao Yuu is also great at dramatic acting, and Kozuki Wataru does realistic acting. Todoroki Yuu and Wataru are among the best Takarazuka dancers, but are not that good in singing.
"Chi to Suna" stars Shiomi Maho. Bow Hall shows are done by Takarasiennes who are not yet top stars. When I saw that Maho is getting a Bow, I thought "It's about time". I enjoyed her performance in "LUNA" musical, though her part was not very big. She has a serious sort of look, and nice acting and singing. I haven't seen her dance much, but she is one I like in particular and want to see more of. This is a smaller production than the fancy shows Takarazuka is best known for, being more personal in a smaller theatre. Maybe as a first time you'd like to see a classic-type big musical with revue, but this seems a very good alternative if you can't get a ticket to one of those.
Performances usually start at 11:00 and 15:00 each day, but I think one day a week has only one show starting at 13:00. I think there are no shows on Wednesdays.

Shows are generally 2 hours and 40 minutes, plus the intermission. You get two shows in a set, with the intermission between them. "Chi to Suna" "Versailles no Bara" don't come with a revue, so they are probably about the same length as a set, but with intermission between two acts.

Dates tickets go on sale:

on sale now

"Michaelangelo" / "VIVA!"


"Castelle Mirage" / "Dancing Spirit!"


"Ai Moeru" / "Rose Garden"


"Chi to Suna" Bow


"Chi to Suna" Tokyo Tokubetsu Kouen


"Hana no Narihira" / "Southern Cross Revue"

If you call for any of the performances and tickets are sold-out, tickets are available for bidding on through online auctions being sold by individual sellers in Japan. You can chose which seats you'd like to bid on.
Here is the URL for Michaelangelo auctions:
You might try:
This is an auction bidding service, but I haven't tried it myself. It can find an auction and bid for you. You say what you want and how high to bid. They will bid for you and send you the item if you win. They charge a fee for the service.
If you can read Japanese (at least a little), you can bid yourself. Yahoo requires a credit card number, as they will charge you per month for being a member of the auction bidding service. Unfortunately, I don't know how to leave the service, so it probabaly doesn't sound appealing to try on your own.
If you would like to, here's the instructions:
Payment to the seller for auctions is by bank transfer or mail change. Find out if you can do this through your bank.
You need to sign up with Yahoo as a new user if you're not already a member. You can do this from the main page:
You can use to translate from Japanese to English and from English to Japanese:
Place the text into the provided space, select the lower radio button, and then push the orange-edged button.
You can use the text translator in one browser window to read it, and input your information into the Yahoo page in another window.
A friend told me:
>Once you filled that out, you will run into a roadblock
>when you make a bid. It will require that you read and
>agree to a large boilerplate statement and also require
>you to enter your first and last name, and make an
>optional "self-introduction." Many registrants do
>not fill out the introduction, though, so you can
>ignore that if you want. I just wrote "Douzo yoroshiku."
>After hitting the enter button on that page, you'll be
>sent a verification code by email. You have to get that
>code string from your email and paste it into the verification page
>whose link appears in that email to activate your account.
The best method is to completely register now, including attempting to make a bid. Put in the bid amount as high as you are willing to pay. After you type your bid amount and password in the yellow box on the auction page, you will get a confirmation page. Click on the long button to finalize (actually input) your bid amount.
As an illustration, if the current bid price is 5500 yen, and you are willing to spend up to 11000 yen, you would input 11000 yen. If there were already a current high bidder who had put in a bid of less than 11000 yen; then you would beat him and be the highest bidder at the increment right above his maximum bid. If another person bids after you, they will need to bid higher than your ceiling of 11000 yen to win.
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Article © July 2001 by Stephanie M. Taylor
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