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Info/images of the Takarazuka Revue, Japanese all-female theatre troupes that perform musicals.


Rent opera glasses at the theatre unless you're bringing your own binoculars. You need 10500 yen in cash to rent opera glasses. When you return them, you will be refunded your 10000 yen (rental costs 500 yen in total). It's worth it to see the actresses clearly. Don't look through the opera glasses the whole time or you'll miss the overall effect... use them during the musical and solos, not revue dances. (^_~)


If you attend the first show of the day and are interested, you can arrive at the theatre early in the morning (1-1/2 to 2 hours before showtime) to watch stars arrive. This is called iri-machi. It's part of the experience.

In Takarazuka city, the area for this is further along Hana-no-michi than the ticket counter and theatre entrance. If you go there, pass the entrance gate and continue down the street to where you'll see a bunch of women with cameras and video cameras. They stand on both sides of the street, waiting for stars to walk up from the rear, around the corner of the building, and into a door.


In Takarazuka city there are fun things to do at the theatre. The petit museum called Salon de Takarazuka (accessible from the Quatre Reves gift shop) costs 400 yen. I enjoyed visiting it. Costumes, video presentations, posters, books, and such are on display.

The video theatre (on the 3rd floor) shows various programs. When I went, it was playing a compilation of clips of star Aika Mire from past shows. I don't know what other sort of videos they show. You can probably find a flyer about the current program at the information desk.

There are a few shops as well as a cafeteria-style eatery and a selection of restaurants inside the theatre building. There are restaurants on different floors.

Across the Hana-no-michi street from the theatre building is a little store in which one can dress in a Takarazuka costume to have one's photo taken. My sister and I took a picture together. We look awful in the picture, but it was fun to do. ^_^; We got to talk a little with 3 ladies who work there and got their e-mail addresses. (^_^)


Shows are generally 2 hours and 40 minutes, plus the intermission.


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