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Info/images of the Takarazuka Revue, Japanese all-female theatre troupes that perform musicals.

Ootori Rei

Pronouce: oh-toh-ree, reh-ee

Meaning: large bird,

Nickname: Midori

Debut: 1993

Troupe: Flower (Hanagumi)

Rei's greatest strength is placing feeling into the face of every character she plays. You can feel the emotions, whether in a musical or a revue. Her voice isn't extremely high, and she's quite pretty!

Hanafusa Mari

Pronouce: hah-nah-fuu-sah, mah-ree

Meaning: cluster of flowers,

Nickname: Hana

Debut: 1991

Troupe: Cosmos (Soragumi)

Mari is a stunning dancer! Flexibily and discipline allows her to master difficult poses and fluid moves. Being an exceptional actress, she can convincingly play a character that is completely unlike herself!

Dan Rei

Pronouce: dahn, reh-ee

Meaning: spindle tree,

Nickname: Dan, Mayumi

Debut: 1992

Troupe: Moon (Tsukigumi)

Rei has the cute and pretty look, doesn't she? I've only seen her perform once almost a year ago, so after watching her on video I'll write more here later.

Hoshina Yuri

Pronouce: hoh-shee-nah, yuu-ree

Meaning: stars, gentle village

Nickname: Yuri

Debut: 1990

Troupe: Star (Hoshigumi)

I've only seen Yuri in a smaller role. She's probably an even better actress now than in 1997, so I hope to see her performances someday!

Tsukikage Hitomi

Pronouce: tsuu-kee-kah-geh, hee-too-mee

Meaning: moonlight, eye's pupil

Nickname: Gun

Debut: 1990

Troupe: Snow (Yukigumi)

I haven't seen Hitomi's acting or dancing at all, but I've heard her sing. Her voice has a verbrato which slightly matches that of Todoroki Yuu.

Kazahana Mai

Pronouce: kah-zah-hah-nah, mah-ee

Meaning: floral breeze, dance

Nickname: C

Debut: 19

Troupe: Moon (Tsukigumi)

Mai is a quite a superb dancer, and her voice is pleasant to the ear. She has first-class diction on the notes. I haven't seen her in a musical, so I'm anxious to watch more of her on video!

Minashiro Hikari

Pronouce: mee-nah-shee-roh, hee-kah-ree

Meaning: , brightness

Nickname: Akiyo

Debut: 1993

Troupe: Cosmos (Soragumi)

Hikari is captivating - her character stood out to me from among the cast, making me care and feel for her. This is one top-drawer actress who could already be an entirely capable top star! Her singing voice is refreshing.

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