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Info/images of the Takarazuka Revue, Japanese all-female theatre troupes that perform musicals.

Takumi Hibiki

Pronouce: tah-kuu-mee, hee-bee-kee

Meaning: artisan,

Nickname: Charlie (Chaarii)

Debut: 1987

Troupe: Senka

Hibiki is one of the best dancers. She also displays a cheerful flair in her vivacious movements and winnning grin. At times cute but others intimidating, her persona & distinctive face stand out. She has a nice voice too!

Kozuki Wataru

Pronouce: koh-zuu-kee, wah-tah-ruu

Meaning: moonlit lake,

Nickname: Wataru

Debut: 1989

Troupe: Senka

Wataru nearly seems to be a man in her roles. Her acting is very realistic and emotion-filled! One of the top dancers ever - dancing with Asato without being looked past is no small feat. A love for dance is clear in her beaming smile.

Iori Naoka

Pronouce: ee-oh-ree, nah-oh-kah

Meaning: add restore, Italian fabric

Nickname: Nao

Debut: 1989

Troupe: Senka

Wow, can Naoka go far. Her voice may be the loveliest of any of the current top and Senka stars. Naoka's a supreme actress and skilled dancer. Though not photogenic, when onstage she acts passionately and can be amazingly cute.

Haruno Sumire

Pronouce: hah-ruu-noh, suu-mee-reh

Meaning: summer field, beautiful life

Nickname: Osa

Debut: 1991

Troupe: Flower (Hanagumi)

Though lower in grade than some great stars, there's just something about Sumire that demands attention! An especially wonderous voice and splendid acting make you take notice. Her seemingly cheery personality is fun too!

Misa Noeru

Pronouce: mee-sah, noh-eh-ruu

Meaning: coming sand,

Nickname: Maya

Debut: 1973

Troupe: Senka

Noeru is my favorite of the older Senka members! She has the perfect balance of realism and exaggeration for stage acting, and a great sense of humor. It's likely a comedic treat to see a performance when Noeru is in it!

Yamato Yuuga

Pronouce: yah-mah-toh, yuu-gah

Meaning: ancient Japan, peaceful river

Nickname: Tani

Debut: 1995

Troupe: Moon (Tsukigumi)

Yuuga has comedy covered. If you like a light-hearted and youthful character, Yuuga's fit the bill! Cute and sparkling, boisterous and energy-filled, her acting is simply enjoyable. Look no further for fun in a theatrical performance.

Juri Sakiho

Pronouce: juu-ree, sah-kee-hoh

Meaning: forest village, blooming grain

Nickname: Juri

Debut: 1990

Troupe: Senka

This is one scary actress! When Sakiho plays a frightening character, she does it so well that you know she's the only choice for the role. Her dancing is top-notch. Sakiho has a wide and warm smile to shine on people, and a pleasant voice.

Emao Yuu

Pronouce: ee-mah-oh, yuu

Meaning: painting of flaxen cord,

Nickname: Bunchan, Emao

Debut: 1987

Troupe: Senka

Yuu is a splendid performer. Her representation of James Dean was surprisingly done well. Yuu's dramatic face expressions fit the truly difficult part. Her voice holds a lot of promise; with just a little time she'll be great!

Oomine Mayu

Pronouce: oh-mee-neh, mah-yuu

Meaning: high summit, flaxen friend

Nickname: Mayu

Debut: 1982

Troupe: Cosmos (Soragumi)

They can vary from villians to fathers, but the distinguished gentlemen roles that Mayu plays are acted swimmingly. She truly appears as a middle-aged man onstage! She's an asset to the Revue, and seems to be a fun-loving person.

Yumeki Noa

Pronouce: yuu-meh-kee, noh-ah

Meaning: sparkling dream,

Nickname: Nettan

Debut: 1992

Troupe: Star (Hoshigumi)

Noa is an accomplished dancer, lithe and energetic. Her acting is engaging. If she plays a villian character, you'll really dislike him! Offstage, she's cute and playful. Noa's likeableness makes me want to see more and more of her.

Sena Jun

Pronouce: seh-nah, juun

Meaning: water shallows,

Nickname: Asako

Debut: 1992

Troupe: Flower (Hanagumi)

A charming actress who makes an impression without being overdramatic. She has fine diction in her dialogue and a pleasing voice in speaking her lines! I look forward to hearing her melodious singing further.

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