Mahou no Tenshi Creamy Mami

Magic Angel Creamy Mami

A KASHA Mirror

Written by Dave Endresak

Morisawa Yuu is a normal if tomboyish third-grade girl whose parents run a crepe shop named "Creamy Crepes". One afternoon, she sees a strange light shining down from the sky outside her window. Being naturally curious, she climbs out her window and starts chasing it through town as it moves away. She's soon joined by her friends, the young boys Toshio & Midori-kun, as well as a large number of police vehicles. She finally catches up to the strange light, only to find that it's coming from a strange ship which looks like it's made of glass.

She suddenly finds herself floating up into the ship, which is called the Feather Star. Once inside, she meets the pixie Pino-Pino, who gives her a magical compact that will allow her to transform into the Magical Angel Creamy Mami (she chooses the name in honor of her parent's shop). She's also given two kittens named Posi & Nega. She's warned that no one must know of her alternate identity, or she will remain as Creamy Mami for the rest of her life.

As the idol singer Creamy Mami, Yuu gains fame almost overnight, appearing out of nowhere singing songs that bring joy & love to peoples' hearts. Promoted by Shingo, the head of Parthenon Productions, as their next star, her natural charm and energy vaults her into a top position in their roster - much to the chagrin (and jealousy) of the current star, Megumi. Later, though, Yuu must deal with the trials of being a pop idol, trying to keep her secret a secret, and a growing affection for Toshio. In addition, there's the constant strain of trying to maintain her normal life as Yuu and fulfill her obligations to her coworkers and fans as Creamy Mami.

This series features character designs by Takada Akemi, who also did work on Urusei Yatsura, Kimagure Orange Road, & Maison Ikkoku. It has many excellent musical pieces, especially the vocals - in fact, there's at least one music video compilation, Curtain Calls. It also offers insight into the often heartbreaking world of today's pop idols. In addition to the TV series, there is an OVA, Long Good-Bye, which includes an intro skit called Creamy Mami vs. Minky Momo (VERY funny! ... this skit is also included on the Minky Momo movie). There's also a movie, Eternal Once More, the first hour of which is a synopsis of the entire TV series, with the last 30 minutes being what happens two months later.

This is one of the greatest classic magical girl (or "majoko") shows of all time, and also was the first of the four famous Studio Pierrot magical girl series (Creamy Mami, Pelsia, Magical Emi, and Pastel Yumi). It first aired in 1983, and has been rerun numerous times since then. This is a must-see series for fans of the magical girls or idol singers, and is highly recommended to any fan of classic anime.

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