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A KASHA Mirror

Written by Dave Endresak

Princess Mimori lives in the World of Magic... which actually happens to be the Land of Frogs! She is a completely cheerful and carefree young girl who leaves the studying of magic to her older brother Makaeru ("Michael") - (she doesn't like the smell of old books ^_^)

One fine morning she runs into a strange young boy named Aoi ("Ao-chan's a cute name!" ^_^) He's from the Human World - but there isn't supposed to be any Humans here! No Humans have been here since the battle with the evil Snakes, long ago! Mimori isn't too concerned about details like that, though - he seems like a nice young boy (actually, Mimori doesn't get too concerned about anything... no matter what! ^_^)

Aoi tells her a story about how he came to be in her world. It seems that he was late to school one day, and ran into a strange young man. This guy introduced himself as "Makaeru" ("Michael") and splashed Aoi with some peculiar, sparkling water... which turned Aoi into a frog! Then, Makaeru tossed him through some type of portal in a tree trunk, and the next thing he knew, he was here! He turned back to his normal form after he dried off - but then he changed into a frog again when he touched some water, trying to get something to drink!

Mimori thinks his frog form is very cute - and she also finds his description of the guy who cursed him familiar... it sounds like her older brother! (Especially when Aoi explains that "Makaeru" mentioned that a boy who's a frog would make a good friend for his sister, Mimori! ^_^) She goes to find the Book of Magic that will remove the curse - but the pages for this enchantment are gone! Not only that, but her brother seems to have vanished, too!

After consulting with the Frog Elder, they embark on an adventure to recover the missing pages of the Magic Book. This is the only way to remove Aoi's curse - and it will also recover magic that has been lost for many years, magic that was used by her Father and Mother to seal the evil Snakes away from the World of Magic... urr - Frogs... long ago.

This anime is adapted from the manga of the same name that runs in Ribon (publishers of Kodoma no Omocha, Marmalade Boy, and many others) and began in Spring of 1997. It is very, very cheerful and energetic, and has large doses of humor thrown into the "quest" that the party undertakes. The animation is fairly simple, but the characters are some of the most unique personalities that I have ever seen! The music is very interesting - it is usually bright, energetic tunes which supports the normally comedic goings on, but occasionally breaks away from this standard into a brooding, epic fantasy theme (especially when the past battle withthe evil Snakes, and the creation of the Seal by the King and Queen, is being disclosed). If you like a good mixture of comedy, magic, very cute characters, and "coming-of-age" angst, this story will surely appeal to you - check it out!

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