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Harbor Light Monogatari Fashion Lala yori / Mahou no Stage Fancy Lala
Harbor Light Story from Fashion Lala / Magic Stage Fancy Lala
"Harbor Light Monogatari Fashion Lala yori" is a mahou shoujo OAV by Studio Pierrot. In 1998, Studio Pierrot created a very different retelling of the story called "Mahou no Stage Fancy Lala" as a 26-episode TV series. Accompanying the TV series is a manga of the same name by Kasuga Rurika, which ran in the magazine Ribon. There is also a coloring book line entitled "Mahou no Designer Fancy Lala".

Manga - 2 volumes

Mahou no Stage Fancy Lala

by Kasuga Rurika

TV Anime - 26 episodes

Mahou no Stage Fancy Lala

OAV Anime

Harbor Light Monogatari Fancy Lala yori

Story Intro
In the OAV, Miho lives with her stepmother and stepsisters who run a clothing shop. The upcoming Disco Queen contest sponsored by the mayor is the big news in town, but Miho can't participate because she isn't old enough. Her family isn't very kind to her, much like in the classic tale of Cinderella. The youngest of Miho's sisters does value her ideas, however, and secretly asks Miho to design and make her dress for the contest. Miho's favorite thing to do is sketch clothes designs, so this opportunity is her dream come true. Of course, she can't let the others find out about her project, or her stepmother will be really mad - she plans for her 3 daughters to compete in dresses she designs herself.
On making a dress delivery to the mayor, Miho witnesses his teenage son yelling at his father. The boy, Kidd, is a delinquent who rides a motorcycle. Ever since losing his mother he has been very unhappy.
Kidd and his friends decide to sabotage the contest by destroying the infrastructure of the building. He knows the contest isn't fair.... that his father's young lover will win, because his father is sponsoring it.
Miho stumbles across a magical old book in her attic. Out of the cover come two small talking dinosaurs! They give her magic to transform into an older form named Fashion Lala. When the contest and sabotage start to get out of hand, Lala shows up....
In the TV series, Miho is a girl who loves to draw her own manga. One day at a toy shop two little dinosaurs attach themselves to her backpack. When she gets home she hears them talking to each other. If she'll let them stay with her until they can return to their own world, they will give her magic. Miho is excited so they give her a magical pen and sketchbook. Whatever clothes she draws with it will become real! Miho is able to change time and, for a short period of time, become the teenager she created in her own manga, Fancy Lala. While out walking, a desperate woman named Haneishi from Lyrical Productions approaches her to fill in for her sick model in a photo shoot. Lala is dragged to the studio, and throws herself into her work. Haneishi gives Lala her personal cell phone so she can contact her in the future.
The series goes on to tell what Lala gets into, from television to singing to modeling.

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