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 Majokko Meg-chan
Witch Meg
"Majokko Meg-chan" is one of the earliest mahou shoujo anime series, focusing on family relationships. Due to an emphasis on Meg's looks (she's pretty and knows it, so is quite coy), this is more recommended for older viewers than young girls who might see her as a role model.

Manga - at least 1 volume

Majokko Meg-chan

by ?

TV Anime - 72 episodes

Majokko Meg-chan

Video Game - Sony Playstation

Majokko Daisuken: Little Witching Mischiefs

This page is an intro to the series, based on the article from KASHA.

Story Intro
15-year-old Kanzaki Meg is a possible successor to the throne of the Magic World. As part of her test, she is required to go to the Human World to learn about how human beings live on Earth. In Meg's world, there are no families; they don't even understand the concept of family.

Meg will stay with a woman named Mami while she's in the Human World. Mami was once a witch from the Magic World, but she fell in love with a human man and married him, giving up her place in the Magic World to remain on Earth and raise a family. Meg has a lot to learn - she is not the only contender for the Throne....
Another girl named Non is also a contender. Non is the protege of Mami's former rival,
Kiran, and initially is much more skilled with her magic than Meg. She's very superior in her attitude, but she doesn't want to beat Meg through unfair practices, so there are actually times when she helps Meg with her problems.
Mami uses her magic to "alter" everyone's memory so that they think that Meg is her eldest daughter. Even her husband and her children, Rabi & Apo, believe that Meg is the elder sister of the family!
Learning how to cope with a family is very difficult for Meg; Rabi is especially difficult for her to tolerate. Rabi is a young boy and loves to play pranks -

some of his favorites involve getting pictures of big sister's panties or in her sheer nightgowns! Rabi can get very creative with his tricks in order to capture Meg in various states of undress, but.... at least he's only her silly younger brother? -_-; The same can't be said for a man named Chou. Chou was sent to the Human World to keep an eye on Meg & Non, but he's actually trying to sabotage Meg's chances at winning the contest and is a royal pain (as well as an eyesore). He has two lackeys helping him in this task: a crow named Kurou ("kurou" is "crow" in English, but means "black" in Japanese) and a cat named FuruFuru. Fortunately for Meg, these three are about as clutzy and foolish as anyone could be. Unfortunately for Meg, Chou is actually more interested in getting some shots of Meg for himself than in accomplishing his task.

"Majokko Meg-chan" was originally broadcast in 1974, making her one of the earliest magical girl stories. Many shoujo stories from this time period have a somewhat violent or brutal beginning, and Meg-chan is no different - in episode #1, a family fight almost leads to Meg dying!
The story elements for "Majokko Meg-chan" are a mixture of drama and comedy. They range from slapstick and slightly ecchi comedy to interpersonal drama, stressing family and friend relationships. Initially, Meg has no concept of family, or of truly caring about anyone else; she's very selfish and self-centered. Seventy-two episodes later, she's taken a completely opposite viewpoint, and is willing to give up everything she's been trying to achieve for her family.

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