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Mint na Bokura Character Profiles

Minamino Noeru
Noeru can go to extremes about anything he cares about, because he's very passionate and emotional. These traits lead him to make foolish mistakes that he has to dig his way out of, but he means well and totally cares about his sister and friends. He'd do anything to protect them from whatever he feels is a bad thing. Even if they say they don't want him meddling in their personal affairs, underneath they do appreciate his heartfelt concern. Noeru is head-over-heels in love with Miyuu, whose cute looks and sweet personality he just can't put from his mind.
Dressed in girls' clothing and wearing a "half-wig" (meaning it is pinned on behind his bangs), he looks just like Maria. You can tell them apart because Noeru always wears a headband to keep the bobby pins out of sight, while Maria likes to style her hair.
Minamino Maria
Maria is very close to her brother. They used to do everything together, and even though their lives aren't as simple now, she's one person he can always turn to for good advice and a sympathetic shoulder..... well, unless he's recently embarrassed her to the nth degree! A romantic at heart, she wants to have a special relationship with the person she loves, but with Noeru poking into her private life at every opportunity, her spirited nature is put to the test.
Makimura Miyuu
Miyuu used to be a loner, with no friends to speak of. Living without a roommate in the girl's dorm and keeping to herself, she was thought of as somewhat mysterious by her classmates. After Noeru moves in Miyuu begins to feel she can trust her newfound roomie, and starts to open up a little. Noeru is the first person to help Miyuu come out of her shell, but she's still tentative and vulnerable. What'll happen if she finds out her one honest friend isn't what "she" seems?
Sasa Ryuuji
Sasa (his last name - in Japan students usually refer to their classmates by surname) is exactly what you'd want to find in a best friend. Caring and considerate, he helps his friends when they're in trouble, but is also the one to stand on the side with sweatdrops in weird situations. He's generally level-headed and sensitive, which balances out some of Noeru's weaknesses.
He was never interested in girls before, but when he met Noeru he found a lot of similarities between them. It turns out that he is romantic, and realizes that for him to be attracted to someone, it's GOT to be a girl.
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