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These are e-mails sent to your mailbox, which are done in the style of e-zine websites. There are sections such as reviews, character profiles, song lyrics, activities, contests, polls, links, fanfics, and lots of downloads. Downloads may be graphics, sound clips, music files, video files, desktop themes, WinAmp skins, icons, freeware programs, and all sorts of other stuff. All you do is e-mail the mailing list owner and ask to be added to the ML. Soon you'll be receiving lots of goodies and having fun with other fans, completely for free!

Because of the enormous workload as well as enjoyment it is to run one of these MLs, many start up and close down all the time. This is by no means a complete and current listing.

MLs specifically about Sailor Moon are not listed here, because there are hundreds. When you join some other mailing lists, you'll find links to lots of BSSM ones through them.

If you run a mailing list that should be listed here but isn't, just send me an e-mail about it. Be sure to type "File ML" in the subject line. I need the name of the list, either the URL of its homepage or the e-mail address to join it, and the name of the anime series represented (or if it is about all-anime, all-shoujo, all-manga, etc). Your ML MUST be less than 50% Sailor Moon-related to submit it here. Obviously, it must include shoujo anime.

Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach
Love Angel Legend Wedding Peach
--|/*Aitenshi no Omoi*\|--
A Wedding Peach Mailing List
Michelle's Wedding Peach Collection
Mirai-Celestial Ai Tenshi
Momoko's Wedding PeachTemple
Wedding Peach Flower Heart
wedding peach love wave temple
Akazukin ChaCha
Red Riding Hood ChaCha
Akazukin Chacha Temple
Card Captor Sakura
a.k.a. Card Captor
oO*- f l o w e r s - f o r - k e r o c h a n -*Oo
sakura's [ c a r d c a p t o r ] temple
Fushigi Yuugi
Wondrous Playing; a.k.a. The Mysterious Play
The Fushigi Yuugi Temple
~^*Tama-Neko's FY LitterBox ML*^~
¤~¤Yui's Seiryuu Sendings¤~¤
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
Wind God Mysterious Thief Jeanne
The Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Temple
Kodomo no Omocha
Child's Toy
Kodomo no Omocha Temple
Kyuuketsu-hime Miyu
Vampire Princess Miyu
Miyu's Shinma Temple
Magic Knight Rayearth
~*~The Believing Heart~*~
Cephiro's Sendings
/ - Hikaru's Rayearth Temple - \
Marmalade Boy
The Jammin Marmalade Temple
*~*Marmalade Boy ML*~*
Miki's Diary: A Marmalade Boy ML
Nurse Angel Ririka SOS
Chibi Nurse Angel RirikaTemple
*_* Nurse Angel Ririka's Kawaii Planet Sendings *_*
PQ Angels
* The PQ Project*
The Temple of Furien Angels Temple
Rurouni Kenshin
Wandering Masterless Swordsman Kenshin
Ruroni Kenshin's Hitokiri Battousai Temple
Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Girl's Revolution Utena; a.k.a. Revolutionary Girl Utena
Utena's Duelist Planet
The Utena Revolution Evolution
XUtena's Revolutionary TempleX
*Utena's Rose Revolution Planet*
Utena's Take My Revolution Planet
Utena Tenjou & Anthy Himemiya Revolutionary ML
Wakaba's Revolutionary Girl Sendings
Tenkuu no Escaflowne
Escaflowne of the Heavenly Skies, a.k.a. The Vision of Escaflowne
Esca Temple
Versailles no Bara
Rose of Versailles
Rose of Versailles Picture Exchange ML
a.k.a. X/1999
X Temple


3Ms Borderline Kinkyness Inc.!

Animazement 2000

Anime Abyss

The Anime Fanart Factory

TheAnime Garden


Anime Otakus; The Next Generation

Anime Music Vision

Anime No Chikara

Anime Sight & Sound

Anime Wallpaper Kingdom

~**Anything Anime**~

~*~Anything Goes Anime Mailing List~*~

Angel's Anime Heaven

Angels Of Anime: A Heavenly Mailing List

-AOL- Anime Online

Ariao's Mystical Anime Sendings

·? Arsenic's Vault ?·

<3?~Asteroid, Carrot, and Asuka's Anime Mania~?<3

Astral's Anime/RPG Mailing List

~**Autumn Twilight**~

~*Battle Angel Alita's Kick @$$ Japanimation Sendings*~

The Best Anime Pics

Bunny's Japanimation

Chibidrake's Random Anime ML

Chichiri No Miko Sendings

- Controversies of Japanimation -

Corner Fanfic Shop

Crystal Sendings


Distant Skies

~~Fala's Anime Music Mpeg Sendings~~

The EOS ML: Music, Videogames, and Anime

|*|Eternal Flame AVI & MIDI Sendings|*|


~~Fala's Anime Multimedia Sendings~~

~* G a l a x y C a u l d r o n *~

¤-GoT aNiMe-¤

Heaven Full Of Dreams

High Quality Anime: AHQ"

Hikaru's Otaku Madness

~¤ JÄ ïmåîØñ 祣Üm ¤~

Japanese Candy

Japan Sight & Sound: A New Revolution

~Jenn-chan's Anime Media Mailings~

>>>Jpop ML<<<


Kaoru-chan's MP3 Weekly

¤~KasumiFire's Anime And Music Monthly~¤

~KawaiiKoji's Anime MP3 Mailing List~

~.^The Kawaii Anime Men Mailing List ^.~

Kei's Anime Online Magazine

^.^Kero's Anime Fantasy ^.^

Keroppi-Sensei's Anime Software Mailing List

Kitty And Crow's Random Anime Music Sendings

Kitty's Photo Shop

KPL for Y2K!

Kuno Estate Anime Sendings

La Cafe Anime

Lady's Anime Flea Circus

Lina's Astral Anime

Lina's LunaR Mailings

~Liquid Acid~

~Luna and Sm anime ML~

~º¥MaRsY's MuSiC MoViE SenDiNgS¥º~

[ m i b ] m a n g a - in - b l a ck

Michiru's Anime/JPop Mailings

*~*Michiru's Glistening Anime Reflections*~*

~*Minako 2000's Anime MP3 Mailing List*~

Minako's Anime Service

Misao's Anime Sendings

Mistress 9's Mailing List By Scooby4447

*^*Momo's Anime Mailinx*^*

The most Anime-ish Mailing list Around

Nalla's Twilight Sky

Never been told anime stories

No Need For Anime!

Nothin' but Pics

NuRiKo'S MP MuSiC mAiLiNgS

Otaku Cutie

P-Chan's Adorable Sendings

Peace, Love, and Pocky!

Pikachu and SailorMoon's Banner Service

oOº°POiSon Ki$$ MaiLiNgzZ°ºOo

|| - pocket songs - || - an mp3 sending - ||

Pop Star: An Anime Mailing List

?Ö§§Ü(\/)*§ ?ÖWÑLÕÂ? (\/)åí|íñg Lî?Ý

>'.'< Queenies Musical Mailings >'.'<

~*Revolutionary Hell*~

Rinoa Heartilly's Picture Album

.:.s a b r i e l s. .a n i m e. .k e e p.:.

Sabriel's Graphics

~*Sailor Bunni & Kitsu-Chan's kawaii Anime ML*~

Sailor Cephiro's Shojo Mailing List

Sailor Kitty's Anime Music Videos

Sailor Love's Special Treats

Sailor Moon, Fushigi Yuugi, Slayers mailing list

SailorNeko's Shoujo Anime Mailing List

Sailor Nova's Neo-Anime Sendings

ݧÝsAiLoR sAnRiO tOtOrO's aNiMe HuTݧÝ

Sailor Sarah's Sailor Anime World Mailing List

Sailor Venus' and Lynn Minmay's A-Z Anime

The Seiyuu Scene

§¤Selphie Tilmett's Picture Universe¤§

Serena-Chan's Anime Mailing List

~Serenity Anime Garden~

Setsuna's Time Gate Sendings

Shoujo Animiracle

Sidney's Mailings of Project Anime and Manga

Silver Shadows

S.I.L.V.E.R.S.H.O.C.K.A.N.I.M.E Planet

Sita's Anime Mailings

SlrOmega's Sporadic Sendings


ݧÝSSTAHݧÝ: aNiMe sEnDiNgS!

Stasia Chan's Tyme Vortex

The Sunday Shoujo

~*0:) Sweet AnGeLz From AnimeHeaven ML (:*0~

~SweetHikaru's Monthly M.L.~

Taura and Ara's Anime Mailing List

These Are Pop Times....

Toby's AnimeClips

Tokyo's Anime Teahouse

Too Too Kawaii Anime Club

Toukou no Ame

~*Trunks' Anime Land*~


The Twisted Rings


Usagi's Kawaii Anime Mailings

Venus love me CHIAN Anime and Manga Mailing list

Vi-Chan's Anime Mix


*-.-* WiShiE's oFfiCiAL mAiLiNg LiST! *-.-*

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