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Penguin Brothers
"Penguin Brothers" is a manga by Shiina Ayumi (Baby Love, Anata to Scandal, Muteki na Venus), which is currently running in the manga magazine Ribon. It's the story of Hina, a strong girl who decides to stand up against segregation and bullying in her new private school along with a dynamic and comical guy named Tetta.

Manga - 1 volume so far

Penguin Brothers

by Shiina Ayumi

Story Intro
Hina has just transferred to a new school, but when she steps on campus and is shown around for a little tour, she finds that it's not quite normal.
Hina bumps into a light-haired boy and he drops his papers. She kneels down to help his gather them when he looks up at her and says her name.
"How do you know my name?" Hina asks, but just then another boy approaches.
"What's wrong, Isshiki?" he asks the former, who is still staring at Hina. The new boy notices Hina and abruptly stops in his tracks. "You...! A new Grey, is it? What's your name?"
"Grey?" Hina repeats. She explains that she's a transfer student, to which he replies,"Ah, so that's it". After Hina walks off, the boy sees that Isshiki is still staring after her.
Outside, Hina feels a gun being pointed at her back. She ducks, swings around, and kicks the guy in the stomach. After crashing to the ground, he sits up, clutching his abdomen.
"How cool!! What, do you take budou?!" he asks cheerfully, grinning in amazement. He picks up Hina's wallet and starts looking through it. Turns out, he's Koshiba Tetta, a self-proclaimed Grey with earrings and shoulder-length hair (and his "gun" is a water pistol). He explains that there are 2 groups in the school: the Whites, who wear white school uniforms, and the Blacks, who wear black school uniforms. Isshiki, the sophisticated student council president, is leader of the Whites. Tetta and a few others are self-proclaimed Greys, so named because they don't want to be involved in either faction. Tetta, confidant and a little silly, says he's the school's #1 nice guy, and calls her Hina-chan off the bat.
"It's good that we met. Why don't we be really close?" he smiles, and gives her a kiss on the lips. To which he receives another good punch.
Later on they see someone kicking a guy on the ground. "For-forgive me...! I'll never do it again... Help!!"
Hina looks to Tetta. "What're you doing? Hurry and go over there!"
"It's alright. He won't die... Hey!!"
Hina rushes off to help. She grabs the tall assailant's arm, yelling for him to stop. He glares down at her, says it's none of her business, and shoves her away. He raises a stick above his head to bring down on the boy. Hina runs in between them, arms spread wide. A second later she opens her eyes, surprised that she hasn't been hit - to see that Tetta has run in front of her and taken the attack on his own head!
"A new Grey?" the tall, dark-haired student asks angrily. It's apparent that Hina is not wearing either uniform.
"A transfer student, Nishiaki-kun," Tetta clarifies. Nishiaki, leader of the Blacks, isn't used to having anyone defiantly break the rules. He pressures Hina to choose which group she's gonna join.
"Idiot," she says calmly, while many students of both groups look on. She tells Nishiaki off, explaining that this system and the people in it are strange. Isshiki appears.
"Hey, Koshiba?" Hina voices to Tetta. "Who is the Grey leader?" Tetta replies that there isn't one.
"Then I'll be Grey!" Hina declares.
Nishiaki laughs. "Make it public, Transfer Student."
From a window a student looks down through binoculars at Hina walking casually. "Another person. Wonder how many days it'll be before she leaves?"
A new Grey is born. Hina's school life has begun....

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