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Kaitou Saint Tail
Mysterious Theif Saint Tail
"Kaitou Saint Tail" is a romance fantasy manga by Tachikawa Megumi (Takamagahara Dream Saga, Cyber Idol Mink), which ran in the manga magazine Nakayosi. If you are a fan of mahou shoujo series, or just a fan of absolute cuteness, you'll love this endearing story.
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Manga - 7 volumes

Kaitou Saint Tail

by Tachikawa Megumi

Anime - 49 episodes

Kaitou Saint Tail

Game - Sega Saturn

Kaitou Saint Tail

Game - Game Gear

Kaitou Saint Tail


Story Intro

Fourteen-year-old Haneoka Meimi is a regular schoolgirl cheerfully attending a Catholic school.... by day. At night she "transforms" into the magic Kaitou Saint Tail, using tricks she has learned from watching her father, who is a magician. Her best friend, Seira, a nun-in-training, is the only person who knows Meimi is Saint Tail. People who are sad because something has been stolen from them come to Seira and tell her their problems. Seira relates the stories to Meimi, who then steals the items back (hence the name Kaitou, or Mysterious Thief). Saint Tail has a friend who often accompanies her on her stealing trips - Ruby, a cute hedgehog. The elusive Saint Tail is known to wear her hair in a ponytail, but noone has ever seen her face.

Asuka Jr. is a classmate of Meimi's. A detective and the son of a policeman, he is intent on catching Saint Tail. He doesn't know, of course, that Meimi is the girl he wants to capture, nor does he realize the true Robin Hood-like nature of her thievery. He proclaims his opinion to be "A thief is a thief. This is going against God's wishes." His emotions can get out of control when his classmates rave about the spectacular, quick, never-failing Saint Tail of the newspaper articles, and he's not reserved about calling them animals or idiots, or muttering that they will all get what they deserve. What mostly gets his temper up is frequent arguments with Meimi. Sometimes, however, his proud and boastful facade will melt for a moment and he can be quite sensitive and sweet. Actually, despite getting angry often, he is one of the cutest characters in all manga.
Meimi leaves Asuka Jr. notes from Saint Tail all the time to let him know where she'll be next. Every night he tries to capture her, but each time he does manage to catch her she gets away or he lets her go. He truly likes Saint Tail, and that is why he wants to catch her, not to turn her in to the police.... though he could never admit this to himself. In fact, he will even defend her to the thieves she steals from ("As far as I know, she has a good reason for everything she's stolen.... please don't just accuse her as a criminal!"), which, needless to say, is in complete opposition to his statements at school.
Meimi has affection for Asuka Jr., but he is too interested in finding Saint Tail to pay much attention to anyone else. Rina, one of their schoolmates, also has a crush on Asuka Jr. Eventually, she finds out that he really only cares for Saint Tail, and it makes her sad.... and then mad. She decides to catch Saint Tail herself as revenge. Meanwhile, Sawatari Manato, a tan-haired boy who takes pictures all the time, has a crush on Meimi. He tells her things like saying she is the princess of legend. Being talented in the area of photography and writing, he is very involved in the school newspaper. He adores getting wind of the newest Saint Tail rumors and snapping any photos he can of the mysterious girl. Asuka Jr. isn't too thrilled about Sawatari's interest in Saint Tail and Meimi. Asuka Jr. calls him "Saruwatari", which puts the Japanese word for "monkey" into his name, especially when the aspiring journalist has printed untrue reports about Saint Tail.
Romantic, emotional Meimi and loud, sometimes thick-headed Asuka Jr. wouldn't seem to be a perfect match, would they? Seira can see right through their pretending and has a pretty good idea of their deep-down feelings. What amazing events will transpire to encourage the two to express how they feel?

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