Idol Tenshi Youkoso Youko

Idol Angel Welcome Youko

A KASHA Mirror

Written by Dave Endresak

Tanaka Yoko is a pretty young girl who dreams of becoming an idol singer. Since she lives in the country, she decides to go to the big city (Shibuya) to accomplish her dreams. On the way there, she meets another young girl named Saki, who dreams of becoming a famous actress. However, Saki has run away from home to follow her dreams. The two girls become friends, and try to support each other in their quests. Oh yes, Yoko also has a pet flying squirrel named "Muu", who never seems to be able to fly straight - he's always crashing into things!

When they reach Shibuya, they have trouble finding work. They have various run-ins with others in showbiz, namely seedy managers and hot-tempered rivals. Nothing phases Yoko, however, and she remains cheerful and positive no matter what befalls them, even to the point of leading Saki in song when they have to spend the night in the park, or leading groups of people dancing across the tops of street benches!

This is a VERY genki (cheerful) series from the same people who did Idol Densetsu Eriko; it's much more positive, though. The story of Yoko and Saki is no different than the story of many young girls (and boys) who dream of one day becoming a famous star in showbiz. It also shows some of the hardships and pitfalls of such a dream (albeit in a humorous light).

The music to this series is very well-done. The show itself is reminiscent of the Hollywood musicals made during the "Golden Age", especially those from MGM with Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Gene Kelley, and others. Part of the reason for the quality of the musical interludes is the voices for the two girls. The seiyuu for Yoko is Kanai Mika (Mei Mah in KO Century Beast Warriors, Extra in Idol Project, Kumi in Debut, Mimette in Sailor Moon Super) and Saki's seiyuu is Hayashibara Megumi (who I'm sure needs no listing of roles... ^_^) If you are a fan of the old Hollywood musicals, or you love positive shows about show business, then this series is highly recommended.

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