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Yume Kui Annai Nin
Dream-Eating Guidance Girl

"Yume Kui Annai Nin" is a cute and sweet fantasy manga about girls who are visited by a magic dream eater, by Tachikawa Megumi (Kaitou Saint Tail, Takamagahara Dream Saga). The story has run in the manga magazine LunLun.


Manga - 1 volume so far

Yume Kui Annai Nin

by Tachikawa Megumi

Story Intro

This is a compilation of short stories each about different girls who are visited by Bakuo-kun, the mythological dream eater and his human girl friend Marin. They will give a girl who has a special dream a magic item based on a classic faerie tale in order to make her wish come true. Sometimes it works and Bakuo-kun gets a delicious meal, but other times... well, it's always a surprise.

In the first story, Yuiko is sad because the boy she likes, Asami, doesn't ever notice her. If only she had pretty hair like the popular girls, she thinks he might like her. Marin and Bakuo-kun gave her magic Rapunzel Shampoo to change her hair into being gorgeous and long. Yuiko tries it out, and when she goes to school it's so pretty and shiny! But later that day her hair starts growing longer and longer. Yuiko hides herself in a room and closes the door, but Asami finds her and comes in. Yuiko dejectedly explains to him what has happened. Asami smiles and tells her that he liked her just the way she was. He is blushing a little. Yuiko's hair quickly transforms back to normal. That night she thinks of the baku and Marin who helped her discover she can be happy as she is.
This is a purely delightful and whimsical series.

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