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Info/images of the Takarazuka Revue, Japanese all-female theatre troupes that perform musicals.
ENJOY ~ Theatre

Takarazuka 1000 days
From Tokyo central station: 5 minutes by JR bullet train
From Tokyo central station: 10 minutes by subway
From Kyoto: 2 hours by JR bullet train

Phone Number 03-3591-1711 or 03-5251-2001

Ticket Price A-8000yen, B-7000yen, C-5500yen, D-3500yen, E-2000yen.

Takarazuka 1000 days Theatre is located along the JR Yamanote line, the main rail line in Tokyo. The nearest station to the theatre is JR Yurakucho station. You can see the magenta roof of the theatre from the platform of the station.

JR Yurakucho station is one station south of Tokyo central station. All Japanese train lines have the station names clearly displayed in English and Japanese so you will easily know when to get off. When you disembark from the train, look at one of the yellow directory signs on the platform. It will tell you in English which of the train station's exits to use to get to 1000 days. Once you get out of the Yurakucho station, the theatre is diagonally across the street. Right outside of the Yurakucho station is a submarine sandwich eatery, this will let you know that you have used the correct exit. You can see the theatre from the train station exit. If you accidentally walk out of the wrong exit and aren't sure which way to go, ask for Takarazuka 1000 days at the small police box.

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