Info/images of the Takarazuka Revue, Japanese all-female theatre troupes that perform musicals.
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Takarazuka is an extremely popular type of Japanese theatre comprised of all-female performers who play both the male and female roles in musicals and revues. Since 1914, their musicals have displayed a wide range: completely original stories, Western favorites, and manga (Japanese comics) adaptions. The revues are a series of back-to-back energetic numbers of dance and song, each show incorporating the Revue's trademark giant staircase.

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Iıve been e-mailing additional ticket info to people who asked; I finally compiled it into extra pages for the Theatre Ticket Reservation Instructions part of the site so now everyone can see it. Emao Yuu has a top star page - yay! (^_^) There are also a couple new images about the place.
Stars have been added to the Takarasienne Otokoyaku and Musumeyaku pages, and Iıve updated the analysis and photos of the other stars on these pages. The Links page has many new additions.
Happy New Year! Iıve just opened the Synopsis and Translations section for this website! Iıve been working on it for months so Iım so happy to finally introduce it to you. The Western-based musicals page has a ton of new entries thanks to a Japanese site listing every Zuka production back to their first show. Iıve also updated the Theatre Tickets & Directions pages and added info about the Takarazuka satellite channel in the Get Videos page. I incorporated some new photos into the site too. Enjoy!
New additions are a page each for Kouju Tatsuki and Takumi Hibiki in the Takarasienne Star Spotlight section, plus info for Shibuki Jun's page and updates to all of the other top star pages. The Mailing List and BBS page has been updated too.
I've created a page for Shibuki Jun in the Takarasienne Star Spotlight section, and made some edits in other star description pages. I also updated the Ticket Reservation and Merchandise info.
I've added the top star pages to the Takarasienne Star Spotlight section, and introduced new links to the Links listing!
Version 2.0 of Revue Sphere ~ Takarazuka is now open! \(^_^)/ The layout is completely new (you can see a picture of version 1.0 *Here*) and pages are clearly labled for better navigating. I have added the Takarasienne Star Spotlight section, providing an intro to the current top stars as well as a few of my other favorites. Many new links have been uploaded, and the information in almost every section has been revised!
Welcome to version 1.0 of Revue Sphere ~ Takarazuka! ^_^ This website focuses on Takarazuka, a type of Japanese theatre comprised of 5 troupes of all-female performers. Nearly all of my pictures of this cool art form are currently entered as a hobby collection in the Los Angeles County Fair and will be showcased through October 4. After I get them back I can really update with more superb images, so please come again and see the re-vamped site in about 1 month!!
This layout is called "Black Wings" because it shows top star Makoto Tsubasa in the performance Kuroi Hitomi (Black Eyes). "Tsubasa" means "wings". =)
The starting page is uploaded. Next up, the BASICS page....

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