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Info/images of the Takarazuka Revue, Japanese all-female theatre troupes that perform musicals.
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Takarazuka performances are available in various formats:

VHS: Musical & Revue, Musical, Dinner Show, and Specials

DVD: Musical & Revue (new format - likely more releases in the future)

TV: Japanese TV channels air Musicals, Specials, and Interviews

CD: Full Soundtracks and CD Singles

Audio Cassette Tape: Piano-only versions of Musical theme songs

Radio: Japanese radio channels air Specials and Interviews

LD: Older Musical & Revue can be found on out-of-print laserdiscs

LP: Older Musical & Revue soundtracks and singles can be found on out-of-print records


Here's a list of places you can buy Takarazuka performance merchandise. If you have in mind what you want but don't know Japanese, feel free to ask me for help (e-mail I may be able to find out item numbers, etc. so that you can order.

Takarazuka-An (Japanese)
videos, CDs, books, other collectibles - overseas orders in Japanese or English
videos, CDs, books, other collectibles - orders in Japanese
books, magazines - orders in Japanese
Various Japanese items - TokyoPop does not stock Takarazuka items, but anything they don't have you can special order by sending an e-mail describing the item. TokyoPop is happy to accept special orders, and you can specify if you'd like an item used or new.
Sasuga Books
Various Japanese items - Sasuga does not stock Takarazuka books or magazines, but you can see if they can special order by sending an e-mail describing the item.
Yahoo! Auctions Japan - Search for Takarazuka (Japanese)
Japanese version of Yahoo! Auctions - bidding/transaction in Japanese
eBayJapan - Search for Takarazuka (Japanese)
Japanese version of eBay - bidding/transaction in Japanese
takarazukaan Yahoo! Auctions (Japanese)
videos, CDs, books, other collectibles - bidders in Japan only

~~~~~~~~~~~ RENT VIDEOS

You can rent/borrow Takarazuka videos at these locations:

Indiana University Audiovisual Lending Library
List of Available Videos
Students & school teachers in the area can borrow 2 Takarazuka videos
Video Japan 2
Japanese video rental store has 4 Takarazuka videos
1735 W. Carson St., Torrance, CA 90501
Thomas Brothers Map Page & Grid: 531, H-5

~~~~~~~~~~~ GET COPIES

If you have don't have access to Japanese TV channels and radio programs but know someone who does, you could ask him/her to record programs and you reimburse the cost of the tapes and shipping. It never hurts to ask, and lots of people are happy to help out. =)

The official Takarazuka website has a list of upcoming features on TV and radio here:

Indiana University Audiovisual Lending Library


If you have and would like to trade a copy of any Takarazuka performances and/or the "Asaki Yumemi Shi" TV drama, I have access to various Japanese TV programs, movies, and anime (as well as new and used manga) so please e-mail me at: Just let me know what you're looking for and I will see if I can get it.

I cannot do open distribution, but if you would like to check my Wish List and you have something that is listed on it, I would be happy to trade it with you for a copy of one or more of the Takarazuka videos that I have. =)


Many Japanese animation, TV drama series, and movies are translated, subtitled, and distributed for free by fansubbers in countries other than Japan. These fans want to promote awareness and enjoyment of programs that have not been licensed for sale in their native language. Fansubs are somewhat controversial. Fansubs are not intended to be an alternative to buying commercial products, but rather a way to try something before buying. Do not ever buy a fansubbed video that is being sold for profit. Sale and rental of fansubs or any other video copies is an ILLEGAL and CRIMINAL offense. If you enjoy a video copy, please do purchase the licensed product. This justly supports the livelihood of the actors and creators, encourages more shows you'd like to be produced, and gives you the highest quality in your video.

To my knowledge, no Takarazuka performances have been fansubbed. Takarazuka fansubs may be considered in the future, as there have been more and more live-action TV series and movies translated in English.

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