Fun officially-made shoujo anime and manga activities for fans to download.

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Here's some random cool stuff for you to download. All of these are officially-made activities for fans, scanned in from either Japanese childrens' entertainment magazines or furoku (extra goodies) from shoujo manga magazines. Have fun! =)

This is not for profit, and these aren't activities that could still be bought in stores. No copyright infringment is intended. Please do not place these on your own website.

Cyber Idol Mink Manga Paper Doll
So cute! Print out on cardstock and cut to play with, or use a KISS computer program to make into a KISS file. ^_^
Corrector Yui Anime Double-sided Paper Doll
Very cool - full-color on both sides of doll and each outfit! And she's poseable. Print, cut, and fold.
Daa! Daa! Daa! Manga Star Box
Print out, then cut and fold to make a super star-shaped box! It's simple.
JOKER Manga Audio Tape Insert
Print and label with the title of your tape, and stick inside the cassette box.
Nakayosi Manga Coasters
Dream Saga, Hijiri-chan, Card Captor Sakura, JOKER, and R's Revolution coasters to print on heavy cardstock and put on your table!
Kodomo no Omocha / Puchi Puchi Chuuihou Manga Postcards
Totally neat postcards. Attach as a file to an e-mail and send to a friend (you can type your message right onto the image in a photo-editing program), or print onto cardstock and snail mail.
Mizu-iro Jidai / Dream Saga Manga Postcards
More cool summer-themed postcards.
Kaitou Saint Tail / Sailor Moon Anime Folding Paper Activity
Original artwork which you can "see" after printing and cutting along the lines.
Yume no Crayon Oukoku Manga Petit Address Book
Full-color; print, fold, and fill in.
Delicious! Manga Gift Tags
Print and cut, then punch holes and use a ribon to attach to any present. Just write your note inside.
Mahoutsukai Sally Anime Fashion Changer
Print and color, then change the clothing combinations!
Mahoutsukai Sally Anime Coloring Pages
2 line drawings of Sally and friends to color on or off your computer.
Card Captor Sakura Manga Birthday List
Fill in birthdays to remember and keep handy so you don't forget to buy gifts and send those b-day greetings! ^_~
Kaitou Saint Tail / Card Captor Sakura Food Decorating
Images of how to arrange your food so it looks like St. Tail or Kero-chan! Yummy.
Hana Yori Dango Manga Stickers
Print onto sticker paper (you can get it at any office supply store). Decorate envelopes, binders, yourself, whatever! ^_^
Mint na Bokura / Seishun Shiteru Kai! Manga Labels
Print onto sticker paper (you can get it at any office supply store). Labels and message stickers. Fill in your name, address, and phone # on the Seishun sickers.
Daa! Daa! Daa! / Card Captor Sakura Manga Stickers
Print onto sticker paper (you can get it at any office supply store). Show the world you love manga by sticking them everywhere!

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