Info/images of the Takarazuka Revue, Japanese all-female theatre troupes that perform musicals.
So.... would you like to see a Takarazuka Revue performance?! (^_^)/
If you live in Japan or are visiting the country, don't miss the opportunity to see this unique performing art in person! There is nothing else like sitting in a theatre seat and watching the talented actresses right before your eyes. I'm absolutely sure you won't regret it!
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Print out these directions and maps to take with you! =)
Takarazuka Dai Gekijou & Takarazuka Bow Hall
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Tokyo Takarazuka Gekijou
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Theatre Drama City
If you choose a musical that is not performed at one of the theatres to which this site provides directions, you'll need to find out where the theatre is located when you call for tickets because I don't know. These are smaller productions than the fancy shows Takarazuka is best known for, being more personal in a smaller theatre.
There is the Japan Travel-Phone service by Japan National Tourist Organization for visitors to the Tokyo region. English-speaking travel experts can be contacted from 9-5 daily at 03-3201-3331. They can probably provide you with directions to theatres, and may be able to make ticket reservations for you as well.

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