Info/images of the Takarazuka Revue, Japanese all-female theatre troupes that perform musicals.



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Takarazuka Official Sites
Takarazuka Kageki Homepage (Japanese)
official Takarazuka Kageki website - theatre & show info, stars, collectibles, events & media news
Takarazuka Ongaku Gakkou (Japanese)
official Takarazuka Music School website - school and auditioning info
Salon de Takarazuka (Japanese)
Takarazuka museum website
Takarazuka Sky Stage (Japanese)
official Takarazuka satellite channel website
Takarazuka Audio-Visual Software Site (Japanese)
official Takarazuka store website - info on DVDs, videos, Cds, and scores
Hankyu publications website - info on current Takarazuka books and magazines
Hankyu Co.'s TOKK Magazine - Takarazuka Revue (Japanese)
TOKK magazine website - star interview, info
Replique (Japanese)
Replique magazine website - Takarazuka info
OhayouTakarasienne (Japanese)
Tokyo FM radio website - star interview, info
Takarasienne My Favorite Things (Japanese)
Tokyo FM radio website - star interview, info
WOWOW - Takarazuka he no Shoutai (Japanese)
Sattelite TV Channel website - broadcasting show info
TAKARAZUKA StarLight Passenger (Japanese)
TV Channel website - star interview, info
Nikkan Sports - Takarasienne (Japanese)
Nikkan Sports Web - Kaleido (Japanese)
Nikkan Sports website - star info
Yomiuri Online - Takarazuka Star (Japanese)
Yomiuri newspaper website - star info
Sponichi - Takarazuka (Japanese)
Yomiuri website - star info
Web Soiree (Japanese)
Soiree magazine website - Takarazuka info
Web Soiree - Soragumi Elisabeth Gallery (Japanese)
Takarasienne Official Sites
Wao Youka Official Homepage (Japanese)
official Wao Youka website - profile, releases, news
FES'S HOMPAGE - Kouju Tatsuki Official Homepage (Japanese)
official Kouju Tatsuki website - info
Ecology Symphony - Hatsukaze Midori (Japanese) - t.a.p. (Japanese) - t.a.p. (Japanese)
t.a.p. news reports (Japanese)
Takarasienne's website - candid backstage photos, stories, opinions
Retired Takarasienne Official Sites
Toho Charlie Girl - Aika Mire (Japanese)
Now Flying - Amami Yuuki Official Homepage (English)
Now Flying - Amami Yuuki Official Homepage (Japanese)
official Aamami Yuuki website - profile, news
TV Asahi - Asanagi Rin (Japanese)
Asano Kayo Official Homepage (Japanese)
Daichi Mao Official Homepage (Japanese)
Hyuga Kaoru Official Homepage (Japanese)
Toho - Ichiro Maki Official Homepage (Japanese)
To Make It! Artist Ichiro Maki (Japanese)
TV Asahi - Ichiro Maki (Japanese) - Ichiro Maki (Japanese)
official Ichiro Maki websites - fan club, sound files, profile, releases, news
STARDUST FILE - Junna Risa Official Homepage (Japanese)
Kama Jun Official Homepage (Japanese)
Snow White - Kiasaki Miri Official Homepage (Japanese) - Kuroki Hitomi Official Homepage (Japanese)
Makoto Tsubasa Official Homepage (Japanese)
official Makoto Tsubasa website - profile, releases, news
Maori Yuki Official Homepage (Japanese)
Nakamura Kayo Official Homepage (Japanese) - Mitsuya Nao Official Homepage (Japanese)
NINA'S CLUB - Nishina Yuri Official Homepage (Japanese)
Rie-Net - Takarai Rie Official Homepage (Japanese)
SIS Company - Seika Kuze Official Homepage (Japanese)
Springtime of Life - Senju Hikaru Official Homepage (Japanese)
Shimada Yoshiko Official Homepage (Japanese)
Legend of Shion - Shion Yuu Official Homepage (Japanese)
Shizuki Asato Official Homepage (Japanese)
Pryaid Records - Shizuki Asato Artist File (Japanese)
Web Soiree - Shizuki Asato Gallery (Japanese)
Nikkan Sports - Shizuki Asato (Japanese)
Theatre Drama City - Special Message Shizuki Asato (Japanese)
Mercedes Benz - Shizuki Asato (Japanese)
MUSICAL Dawn (Japanese)
Q-Front Movie (Japanese)
official Shizuki Asato websites - fan club, photo gallery, message, info, news
TV Asahi - Suzukaze Mayo (Japanese)
Snow White - Takane Fubuki Official Homepage (Japanese)
official Takane Fubuki website - profile, images of musicals, news
Yamaoka Mitsuko Official Homepage (Japanese)
Ohoshisama Official Homepage (Japanese)
official Minakaze Mai, Michiru Shu, Riko Hanamura, Nao Marimura, and Yuki Maori website
Takarazuka Fan Art Sites
chic - pooko's room (Japanese)
the very BEST fanart I've ever seen on the Web!
Naki Nezumi (Japanese)
Elisabeth and Le Mistral fanart
M.Nagano'sPLand (Japanese)
Takarazuka doujinshi and fanart
More Dolche, Please (Japanese)
Shion Yuu fanart and Elisabeth
Crossroad Taka & Hana Page (Japanese)
Wao Youka and Hanafusa Mari fanart
Pyonzura Su (Japanese)
cool fanart
Eternity (Japanese)
Trickster (Japanese)
HYS* (Japanese)
fanart, parodies
afrocuban (Japanese)
fanart, parodies
Kin Kurou (Japanese)
fanart, parodies
Ai no Houseki (Japanese)
Keisou Mama (Japanese)
fanart and icons
artbook of Takarazuka (Japanese)
CG fanart
forever takarazuka! (Japanese)
CG fanart, opinions
Dream Park (Japanese)
The Department of AKIRA (Japanese)
CG fanart
Puck (Japanese)
108 Shizuki Asato-san (Japanese)
fanart of Shizuki Asato
This is The Moment (Japanese)
fanart of Shizuki Asato
My Jewelry Box (Japanese)
fanart of Shizuki Asato
Fanart of Kozuki Wataru
REPLICA (Japanese)
CG fanart of Maya Miki
Mousou Kei (Japanese)
fanart of Takarasiennes as boys
Zuka de Pon (Japanese)
shounen ai doujinshi of Minoru Kou and Emao Yuu - strange!
Mayuri no Takara Downloads (Japanese)
icons, animations, etc.
Todoroki's Cafe (Japanese)
icons, animations, etc.
Me and My Room (Japanese)
Amami Yuuki fanart, icons, and animations
Takarazuka General Fan Sites
Heart to Art - Encore, Takarazuka! (English)
Images (also: anime, seiyuu, and bishounen fanart)
Takarazuka (English)
Info & production info
Takarazuka Revue Company (English)
Production info
Takarazuka in English (English)
Includes BBS to talk about Takarazuka in English Takarazuka (English) Takarazuka (Spanish)
Versailles no Bara fansite - images and video & music files
t-village (Japanese)
EXTENSIVE site with tons of info, lists, reviews, and links
Kazu no Page (Japanese)
EXTENSIVE site with complete list of every Takarazuka production
Minna no Takarazuka (Japanese)
Extensive site with lots of info
a_m_r yasumi (Japanese)
Moon Troupe fansite - info, song lyrics, opinions
Musical Link (Japanese)
Links listing
takarazuka Green Color (Japanese)
Do Remi Fasolati (Japanese)
Kokoro no Sketch (Japanese)
**Forever Dreams** (Japanese)
Photos of Barbie dolls dressed as Takarasiennes
Takarasienne Fan Sites
Hanamiya Airi fansite
extensive Kano Chika fansite - info, Moon Troupe info, polls
Cafe (Japanese)
Kozuki Wataru fansite - info, opinions, polls
Juri World (Japanese)
extensive Sakiho Juri fansite
Mayuri no Takara Sena Room (Japanese)
Sena Jun fansite and general
Takarazuka K's Cafe (Japanese)
Kiriya Hiromu fansite
Retired Takarasienne Fan Sites
Aika Mire Homepage (Japanese)
Aika Mire fansite - interviews, info, photos, music files, song lyrics, CG fanart & fan letters
Still, I'm in Love with You (Japanese)
lovely Makoto Tsubasa fansite
Mayuri no Takara Miki Maya (Japanese)
Maya Miki fansite
M2 Homepage (English)
M2 Homepage (Japanese)
Maya Miki fansite
Chizu's Homepage (Japanese)
Shizuki Asato fansite
mayonnaise (English & Japanese)
Suzukaze Mayo fansite
RKHQ Mayo Shrine (English)
Mayo Page (English)
Suzukaze Mayo fansite
Takarazuka Online Stores
Takarazuka-an (Japanese + English)
Takarazuka-an at (Japanese)
videos, DVDs, CDs - overseas orders in Japanese or English
current books, magazines, calendars - orders within Japan in Japanese
videos, DVDs, CDs, books, other collectibles - orders within Japan in Japanese
Dress Circle: The Showbiz Shop (English)
Elisabeth CD available - overseas orders in English
Yahoo! Auctions Japan - Search for Takarazuka (Japanese)
Japanese version of Yahoo! Auctions - bidding/transaction in Japanese
eBayJapan - Search for Takarazuka (Japanese)
Japanese version of eBay - bidding/transaction in Japanese
Takarazuka Misc. Info Sites
Tokyo Classified - Girls will be boys: Takarazuka (English)
Article on Takarazuka
CNN - Women play men in unique theater (English)
Article on Takarazuka
Variety - Femme troupe on top in Japan.(all-female Takarazuka Revue Co.) (English)
Article on Takarazuka
KansaiDigitalArchives_TAKARAZUKA (English)
Info & images - Shoujo Anime (English)
Article including Takarazuka infuence on shoujo manga
Aestheticism - He's a Woman, She's a Man (English)
1 Takarazuka image and info on Chinese crossdressing films
The Acoustic Design of the Takarazuka Grand Theater (English)
Info on Takarazuka Grand Theatre
Tokyo Takarazuka Theater (English)
Travel info
People's Daily Online - Chairman Watches Art Performance (English & Chinese)
Info on Takarazuka performance in China
Info on Takarazuka performance in Hong Kong
TAKARAZUKA Creative Arts and Fujitsu Parex To Launch "FanWorld - TAKARAZUKA" (English)
Info on Takarazuka CD-ROM
Chez Laure My Diary (English)
Description of a forienger's visit to Takarazuka
Takarazuka Revue Webring (Japanese)
Takarazuka Kageki Otokoyaku-san Fan Link (Japanese)
Musumeyaku Webring (Japanese)
Musical Theatre Webring (Japanese)
Mailing Lists
The Takarazuka ML (English)
Takarazuka Revue ML (Japanese)
Takarazuka Fan ML (Japanese)
Elisabeth Sites - Elisabeth Theater Forum (Japanese) - Elisabeth (Japanese)
video clip, pictures, images
Kitsch (Japanese)
ZWEI TON (Japanese)
Kuroten Haus (Japanese)
Kurou Tenshi fanart, 4-panel comics, etc.
Taikutu Sinogi (Japanese)
4-panel comics, etc.
Elisabeth's Zimmer (Japanese)
fanart, Toho/Takarazuka comparison
ELJEN Elisabeth (Japanese)
Manga Sites
Versailles no Bara fansite - images and video & music files Takarazuka (Spanish)
Versailles no Bara fansite mirror - images and video & music files
Anime Colony: Rose of Versailles (English)
Berubara il sito delle rose (Italian)
Berusaiyu no Bara Shrine (English)
Berusaiyu no Bara Shrine (German)
Berusaiyu No Bara Presents: The Andre Grandier's Shrine (English)
Cartoon Party - Rose of Versailles / Lady Oscar (Italian)
Destiny of Roses (English)
The ghostly "Berusaiyu no Bara Gaiden" (English)
In memory of the Rose of Versailles - Lady Oscar (English)
KAEL on Rose de Versailles (English)
Lady Oscar (German) (English)
Versailles no Bara fansite - info (Spanish)
Versailles no Bara fansite mirror - info
Lady Oscar en Espanol (Spanish)
The Lady Oscar Memorial (English)
La Leggenda di Versailles - The Legend of Versailles (Engish & Italian)
La pagina di Lady Oscar (Italian)
La Rosa de Versalles (Spanish)
Pour Oscar de Jarjayes (French)
Ring of the Never-Fading Rose (English)
Riyoko Ikeda's Art Work -Rose of Versailles (English)
 Rose of Versailles (English)
Rose of Versailles (English)
The Rose of Versailles (English)
The Rose of Versailles (English)
The Rose of Versailles (Swedish)
Rose of Versailles Garden (Engish & Italian)
Rose of Versailles Screen Captures (English)
 Rose Of Versailles TRIVIA PAGE (English)
Topics about the manga "Berusaiyu no Bara" (English)
Vigdis Rose Page (English)
Mirrors - Aria's Berubara Fanfics (Spanish)
My Fanart (English)
Rose of Versailles Fanart (English)
Anime Colony: Blackjack the Movie (English)
Anime Dictations / The Complete Black Jack (English)
AG dot Com - Black Jack (English)
Black Jack (English)
Black Jack (Portuguese)
Black Jack Manga Review (English)
BlackJack Image Shrine (English)
Count the City Lights (English)
Crescent Moon Anime-Black Jack (English)
Kamen no Romanesque (English)
Higuri You Interview (English)
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