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~ TAKUMI Hibiki ~
Dancing Charm

Name Pronunciation: tah-kuu-mee, hee-bee-kee

Name Meaning: artisan,

Nickname: Charlie (Chaarii)

Height: 168 cm

Debut: 1987

Became Top Star: 2001

Hibiki is a magnificent dancer, one of the very best. Her masterful high kicks and other flexible moves are executed with a trademark smoothness. She gives the illusion that such techniques are easy and natural for her.... or maybe they just are. When watching a dance Hibiki is noticeable among the crowd because she gracefully slides into her kicks and every little thing is done with precision. Whether it be bending extra low, stretching further, or holding her leg up a second longer, her personal touches remarkably add to a dance. Her specialty seems to be fan kicks and sideways kicks that reach above her head, her legs always perfectly straight.

Hibiki displays a cheerful flair in her vivacious movements and winning grin! At times cute but others intimidating, her persona and distinctive face stand out. Hibiki has a certain snap in her dance steps and gestures, a sizzle that marks her performances with a sharp, clean-cut attitude. In an inventive scene of VIVA! revue, Hibiki plays a composer who is trying to come up with a new idea for a piano piece. His creation starts to unfold as he interprets it through a really spendid dance.

Hibiki is a praise-worthy actress who is constantly cool, slick, and dynamic. Her characters have punch. Hibiki does a terrific masculine walk and looks smart in a suit. Her serious roles are debonair while cheerful, cute roles showcase a dazzling gladness. Hibiki is essential in Tango Argentino, deftly playing a German general whose wife falls in love with another man. That man is caught as a prisoner of war and brought to him, upon which he must decide whether to finish him off or let him go.

Hibiki has a level voice which sounds alright. Her singing has a similar sound to Aika Mire, so when they sang songs together their voices matched in a blend better than most other top and secondary star duos.

Fans of dance will be happily impressed by Hibiki, an all-around solid performer with classy style.

" She needs to laugh.
She needs to dance,"
- A Bit of Earth,
The Secret Garden
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