Info/images of the Takarazuka Revue, Japanese all-female theatre troupes that perform musicals.
Amicable Personality

Name Pronunciation: shee-buu-ki, juun

Name Meaning: blowing violet, warm-hearted

Nickname: Rica (Rika)

Height: 170 cm

Debut: 1986

Became Top Star: 2001

The quality I like most about Jun is that she has confidence in herself - a lot of confidence - and she always works hard and does her best. Perhaps the Takarazuka company recognizes this strength in her too; it may be no coincidence that Jun has been given the widest variety of parts I can imagine. Having played some of the strangest, most outlandish roles during her journey through Takarazuka, I think there is no actress more deserving of becoming top star than Jun! Regardless of what absurd roles she has been subjected to, she's ever strong, proud, zany, and amicable. Jun is funny and down to earth, she is very "real". Jun's acting range is incredible; no matter what the scene might be, she can handle it.

Jun is a perfect choice for comedy musicals. In Ai no Sonata (Der Rosenkavalier) she is hilarious as a conceited playboy that loves money. At one point he cuts his hand on a sword and panics, thinking he is dying and intermittently crying out "It's blood!". In Hana ha Hana nari Jun plays a slow-witted young boy with a high-pitched voice, who must repeat every word his master says.... as you might expect, he becomes confused and it takes a moment for his brain to register that his master has called him an idiot.

Jun also makes a perfect villian. Putting her knack for comedy aside, she can be creepy and menacing. Jun has played a lot of insanely good "bad guys", but her best is the scary snake diety Nahga in BLUE MOON BLUE revue.

Jun is an excellent dancer, though not the greatest in the company. You definitely won't be disappointed by her dance numbers, her hard moves are always executed smoothly and cooly.

Jun doesn't have a clear, pretty voice, but makes do with sounding like a man and singing lower than many other stars can.

If only one thing could be said for Jun, it should that she can act like a man. Unlike other otokoyaku whose face or movements remind you at times that they are female, Jun convinces you of her roles very well. I never get hung up on thinking she seems like a girl, but rather think of the character she is performing.

"With each step I am more certain, Everything will turn out fine. I have confidence, The world can all be mine! They'll have to agree I have confidence in me."
- I Have Confidence,
The Sound of Music
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