Info/images of the Takarazuka Revue, Japanese all-female theatre troupes that perform musicals.

Iori Naoka

Pronouce: ee-oh-ree, nah-oh-kah

Meaning: adding restoration, Italian fabric

Nickname: Nao

Debut: 1989

Troupe: Senka

Naoka has a deep and even voice, one of the loveliest in the company. She honestly is a supreme actress and skilled dancer. She can be amazingly cute and cheerful in the swing of things onstage. She acts passionately, providing convincing drama in playing difficult angst-filled characters. She gives heartfelt performances and darling expressions.

Kozuki Wataru

Pronouce: koh-zuu-kee, wah-tah-ruu

Meaning: moonlit lake,

Nickname: Wataru

Debut: 1989

Troupe: Senka

Wataru has a strength in portraying men; she really has it down pat. Her acting is very realistic and emotion-filled. Her good-natured personality comes through. She is also one of the top dancers ever in the company. A joyful love for dance is clear in her beaming smile. Her shining happiness in dance numbers is exciting and captivating to watch in combination with her great skill.

Haruno Sumire

Pronouce: hah-ruu-noh, suu-mee-reh

Meaning: summer field, beautiful life

Nickname: Osa

Debut: 1991

Troupe: Flower (Hanagumi)

There's something about Sumire that demands attention.... an especially wonderous voice and splendid acting make you take notice. I've watched her perform live two times, and she didn't make a single mistake, singing perfectly. Her melodious voice is warm and cheery, as is her fun personality. Her dancing is great as well.

Hanamiya Airi

Pronouce: hah-nah-mee-yah, ah-ee-ree

Meaning: floral princess,

Nickname: Airi

Debut: 1996

Troupe: Cosmos (Soragumi)

I first saw Airi in the "TEMPEST" video, in which she played cocky Kyari Wong, who can kill with contempt and taunting.... when it's a matter regarding the treatment of his mother. Airi employed a lot of acting talent to make him bad but likable. Her "Elisabeth" Shinjin Rudolf, her hip-hop dancing, and her singing are all noteworthy.

Asahina Kei

Pronouce: ah-sah-hee-noh, keh-ee

Meaning: incomparable morning, rejoice

Nickname: Hina

Debut: 1993

Troupe: Cosmos (Soragumi)

Asahina Kei shocked me with her sprite Ariel in "TEMPEST" - he's downright scary. I didn't even stop to think she was playing a male role well; I believed him that much. On repeated viewing, I found I like snazzy, unfeeling Ariel - a lot! Kei's acting talent is unique, as are her open-mouthed looks of wonderment. She is also so cute in revue dances and her singing is enjoyable.

Yumeki Noa

Pronouce: yuu-meh-kee, noh-ah

Meaning: sparkling dream,

Nickname: Nettan

Debut: 1992

Troupe: Star (Hoshigumi)

Noa's acting is engaging: if she plays a villian character, you'll really dislike him! (Until you get to love him, that is....) Offstage, her natural voice has a frank, friendly sound. Noa's likeableness makes me want to see more and more of her. Her singing isn't the best, but this accomplished dancer makes up for it with her acting skill and charisma.

Misa Noeru

Pronouce: mee-sah, noh-eh-ruu

Meaning: coming sand,

Nickname: Maya

Debut: 1973

Troupe: Senka

Noeru is my favorite of the older Senka members! She has the perfect balance of realism and exaggeration for stage acting, and a great sense of humor. It's likely a comedic treat to see a performance when Noeru is in it. She has that knack for comedy, whether acting as a drunk trying to walk up stairs or cracking jokes as an MC in a special. She livens up the stage.

Oomine Mayu

Pronouce: oh-mee-neh, mah-yuu

Meaning: high summit, flaxen friend

Nickname: Mayu

Debut: 1982

Troupe: Cosmos (Soragumi)

They can vary from villians to fathers, but the distinguished gentlemen roles that Mayu plays are acted swimmingly. She truly appears as a middle-aged man onstage. An asset to the company, she seems to be a fun-loving person. Not only can she act as a convincing man, Mayu can dance with the best of them in numbers such as an energetic tap dance scene.

Sena Jun

Pronouce: seh-nah, juun

Meaning: water shallows,

Nickname: Asako

Debut: 1992

Troupe: Flower (Hanagumi)

A charming actress who makes an impression without being overdramatic, Jun has fine diction in her dialogue and a pleasing voice in speaking her lines. Her melodious singing is just lovely. My sister and I were drawn to watching her on the edge of the stage in a scene of "Michelangelo" instead of the main action, and her dancing ability is one of the best in Flower Troupe.

Shiokaze Kou

Pronouce: shee-oh-kah-zeh, koh-uu

Meaning: evening breeze tide, happiness

Nickname: Koh, Kou-chan

Debut: 1988

Troupe: Senka

Kou is an exceptional comic actress, making funny and captivating roles in shows like "ME AND MY GIRL" and "Hard-boiled Egg" - though not the most central of characters to the plot, they were memorable. She goes all-out to do her best job. Her personality is kind-hearted. She can do dramatic and tragic roles as well.

Maori Yuki

Pronouce: mah-oh-ree, yuu-kee

Meaning: right weave, based on the season

Nickname: Minako

Debut: 1986

Retired: ?

Troupe: Star (Hoshigumi)

Yuki has a sparkling quality that caught my notice and is perfect for happy revue scenes. She sings beautifully so it's fabulous to listen to her. She can sing pretty well in English, to boot. Her dancing and acting are fantastic, but it's her voice and personality that make her really wonderful. She is always sunny and spirited.

Asami Hikaru

Pronouce: ah-sah-mee, hee-kah-ruu

Meaning: ocean at morning,

Nickname: Komu

Debut: 1991

Troupe: Snow (Yukigumi)

Lithe and energetic, Hikaru is easily a quite splendid dancer. Not only that, her great acting pleasantly surprised me: at times she is chosen to play adorable female roles, which is how I first saw her.... then I watched her Rudolf in "Elisabeth", one of the best and strongest protrayals of this role. Her singing is charismatic and her pure power is admirable.

Yamato Yuuga

Pronouce: yah-mah-toh, yuu-gah

Meaning: ancient Japan, peaceful river

Nickname: Tani

Debut: 1995

Troupe: Moon (Tsukigumi)

Yuuga has comedy covered. If you like a light-hearted and youthful character, Yuuga's roles fit the bill. Cute and sparkling, boisterous and energy-filled, her acting is simply enjoyable. Look no further for fun in a theatrical performance. She can't sing very well, but it's easy to appreciate Yuuga's comical acting in musicals like "LUNA" or "FAKE LOVE", and her dancing is fun to see.

Shiomi Maho
Nozomi Kei
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