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~ KOUJU Tatsuki ~
Songs and Sunshine

Name Pronunciation: koh-uu-juu tah-tsuu-kee

Name Meaning: fragrance of a lifetime,

Nickname: Tartan (Taatan), Taa

Height: 168 cm

Debut: 1986

Became Top Star: 2001

Tatsuki is sunny, bright, and exuberant. Her beaming face, highlighted by her happy smile and eyes, are always spreading joy around and I can't help but like her. Tatsuki is glad to be herself. The only problem with this is that she frequently acts on stage the way she really is.... she doesn't seem masculine in the least. There are productions in which she acts just as much like a guy as other otokoyaku, but more often than not you will see her cheerful, cute self. I think Tatsuki has the capability to act like a man; at times she does. I would guess that she just chooses to be herself and enjoy performing, not worried about the result. It's clear that Tatsuki loves theatre and puts a lot of effort into her work, evident by watching her fabulous dances.

If you wish to see otokoyaku acting as men as convincingly as possible, Tatsuki isn't an example of this, but she has many strong points of her own. Tatsuki's best skills are singing and dancing. She can dance greatly compared to other performers, but never displays a self-centered air. Rather, she brings a freshness and pure enjoyment to it. Whether a bouncy number or subdued and suave, Tatsuki is one to watch.

Tatsuki has a very clear, lovely voice. She sings better than most every other Takarasienne. Though she doesn't sound like a man (but then neither do some of the other Takarazuka members), in terms of listening to good music, she's hard to beat. When she sings catchy tunes they become infectious.

Tatsuki's acting is hard to describe. She has a sentimentality that includes slow blinks of her long eyelashes with a sweet smile. In some roles this might serve to create a compassionate, loving character, but at other times it doesn't fit so well and she seems girly or overly emotional. When Tatsuki plays dramatic, solemn roles it can be hit or miss regarding whether her earnest feeling comes through, but Tatsuki is excellent at comedy. When Tatsuki is good, she's very good. Tatsuki's best performances can be seen in shows and revues like Department Store, Let's Jazz, or Jazzmania, in which her cheery personality shines. Her more masculine roles might be in How to Succeed and Sen Bou ga Shuku.

Tatsuki has lots of talent and a sparkling personality. She might not be an introduction to typical Takarazuka otokoyaku, but for viewers who appreciate vocal skill and dancing, Tatsuki shouldn't be missed.

"You got to be jolly. When you can be fancy-free, And flash a smile that folks come flocking to see. You'll be as lovely as can be."
- On How to be Lovely,
Funny Face
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