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~ MAKOTO Tsubasa ~

Super Gorgeousness

Name Pronunciation: mah-koh-toh, tsuu-bah-sah

Name Meaning: pure koto (Japanese musical instrument), wings

Nickname: Mami

Height: 168 cm

Debut: 1985

Became Top Star: 1997

Retired: 2001

Tsubasa is a dynamic individual. Her clothes are always stylish and very original, and she has a lot of self-confidence. Plus she's got a hefty dose of humor! In the Revue Special '98 show performed on Christmas Eve, the stars of Moon Troupe discuss their recent West Side Monogatari (West Side Story) musical. During the conversation Tsubasa and Shibuki Jun illustrate how one should say "Come on", demonstrating a suave (read that as comical) body language movement to entice a girl to follow them. Tsubasa has a lot of fun with it. Her shining humor scenes can be seen in Ai no Sonata (Der Rosenkavalier) and ME AND MY GIRL.

Outgoing and fashionable Tsubasa was born for the stage; she totally loves being in the spotlight. It appears that she flourishes as the center of attention. Not to say that Tsubasa overpowers everyone else - she has a great respect for her teachers and the older members of Takarazuka, and she makes a point of giving credit where credit is due. She would always let the earlier stars talk first; it was not until she gained seniority that she fully opened up her enthusiasm in discussions with fellow top stars. Tsubasa shares her passions with friends and fans, such as when she puts all her heart into personally-chosen songs for her dinner shows or describing in detail her favorite Takarazuka memories on her sayonara show video. Beyond the strength and sparkle is a sentimental person.

Tsubasa's enjoyment of performing comes through in her dances. She is exuberant and flexible, which offsets her unique flair and sparkle. She treats us to adorable face expressions, and also has a way of giving ultra-cool intense stares. If you see her perform the same scene as another Takarasienne, you'll easily notice how she modifies the movements or steps to add in her own touches. She has her own ideas and is a charismatic, engaging star which lets her get away with them!

Tsubasa's low voice is pleasant to listen to. Even when offstage, she speaks in a deep, gravelly tone which holds one's interest, and on stage particularly stands out when singing like a rock star. In singing, her agreeable voice has a slightly nasal sound, but it is not as pronounced as other peoples' can be. Tsubasa's ANOTHER LIFE solo achieves the portrayal of her character's desperate desire for a chance to live his life over again.

Tsubasa's creativity, comedy, and lively personality alone are enough of a reason to be her fan, but with her fun and passionate performances, makes a winning combination.

* By the way, "super gorgeousness" comes from one day when I placed the Japanese info about Tsubasa's maxi CD single through a Web English translator - it described her as "super gorgeousness", which struck me as having a nice ring. (^_^)

"This diva needs her stage - baby, let's have fun!"
- Take Me or Leave Me,
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