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Genteel Actress

Name Pronunciation: toh-doh-roh-kee, yuu

Name Meaning: distant thundering

Nickname: Tom (Tomu)

Height: 168 cm

Debut: 1985

Became Top Star: 1997

Yuu acts like a man better than any other Takarasienne I have watched. She really is believable. If you appreciate drama or would like to see an example of some of Takarazuka's best acting, Gaisenmon (Arc de Triomphe) is recommended. Yuu received a best actress award for her starring role in this solemn, thoughtful tale, and it is no wonder. I have not seen a better portrayal of a male character from an actress before or since.

Yuu is always very expressive in her face and articulated gestures. Every moment and detail of her roles are stylized, which works perfectly for each character that she plays. Yuu's talent is precisely an example of how stage acting is different from that of film and television. She's ideal for dramatically acting in historic European and traditional Japanese settings. Yuu seems to specialize in playing smooth, serious men and distinguished gentlemen. A low and gentle voice is lovely to listen to when she speaks. Offstage, she looks smart in suits and occasionally sporting a type of skirt look over her pants. Photographs often are taken with a delicate smile or simply seriously, without a grin. All of this adds to the image she imbues of conservative sophistication.

This provides all the more fun when we see her in a cute or comic role - a complete turn-around from her others! Her sculpted face and soothing voice might not appear to fit comedy as well as they do drama, but rather she really goes all out for the humor in a show. Who would have imagined her playfully epitomizing a kogal in the KING OF REVUE special? Seeing her first as youthful, naive Danceney in the Kamen no Romanesque (Les Liaisons Dangereuses) musical, I liked her from the moment she stepped onstage. If you've watched her in Department Store show, you won't be at al surprised that Yuu can be funny - not many performances are as light-hearted and silly as that one!

Yuu can sing lower and more deeply than most any other actress but sometimes has an unconventional verbrato which you can't miss hearing. Her voice goes up and down more definitively when she holds a note than other Takarasiennes. However, her verbrato is even, never going off of the correct notes. Yuu's voice is rich-sounding and well-suited to melancholic or dramatic songs.

Yuu's other great strength besides her captivating acting is amazing dancing talent! I really love watching her coolly dancing to jazz music. Yuu is one of the best dancers, so she gets to pull off difficult steps as if they were effortless. Whatever the style of a dance number she looks and truly is fantastic.

"I dance them all with zeal. It's joy they bring. Ev'ry dancing step I've heard of I have got down pat; yet I keep on being so wild about dancing...."
- A New Step Every Day,
For Goodness Sake

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