Info/images of the Takarazuka Revue, Japanese all-female theatre troupes that perform musicals.
~ SYNOPSIS AND Translations ~

Written and Directed by Koike Shuuichirou
Makoto Tsubasa
Dan Rei
Shibuki Jun
Hatsukaze Midori
Ritsu Tomomi
Natsukawa Yura
Shiomi Maho
Yamato Yuuga
Shibuki Jun was not in the second performance of LUNA, so Hatsukaze Midori played Brian and Yamato Yuuga played Harry.
Though he seems to have it all, popular rock star ALEX secretly feels his life is missing something. ALEX wishs he could have another life, a chance to live over again. He is on a small island off of England, waiting to judge "The Miss Luna Contest". The ancient Lunar Palace has been discovered on the island, and this contest will be watched by people around the world who are excited about the find. Aileen, an archeologist, is the first girl ALEX meets who doesn't immediately fall for him - guess who he's attracted to now. ^_~ Aileen dislikes his confident I'm-so-cool personality, but she gradually discovers that it's just an act, that he really isn't as self-assured as she first thought.
Through a mysterious explosion in the Palace excavation site, the Moon Prince from 1000 years ago combines with ALEX. The Moon Prince, Tsukuyomi, fell in love with a human, but this was prohibited. When they secretly met together, disastrous consequences in the world followed. He was confined for all of these years, but legend says he can be released if a traditional melody is played on the Lunar Flute. ALEX plays it, and this results in Tsukuyomi combining with ALEX. As the Moon Prince's love was named Irene, at first he's confused at meeting Aileen (their names sound the same). During the day ALEX is his regular self, but at night he has the mind of the prince. ALEX finds that he no longer has the ability, or perhaps the will, to compose music.
Meanwhile, a man named Brian is secretly planning to take over the world using his Genius Project, which injects DNA from geniuses into other people to make them become geniuses too. Brain decides he wants the DNA of the Moon Prince.

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