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 ~ SYNOPSIS AND Translations ~
NOTE: There are two arrangements of this song, one from the beginning of the musical and the reprise at the end. The lines are the same in each, simply in a re-arraged order. This is the first version.
Ikitabi no
Mireniamu wo
Ano tsuki ha
Mite kita no ka?
Haruka naru
Kono hoshi terra de
Hitobito ga okosu koto wo
Atarashii mireniamu
Bokutachi ha
Kono terra wo
Mamo ikieru no ka?
Oo Runa oshiete yo
Oo Runa bokutachi ni
Atarashii hoshi no
Tsukurikatta wo
Oo Runa michibiite yo
Oo Runa bokutachi ni
Mayori naori hoshi no (Atarashii hoshi no)
Aishikatta wo
Aa Runa mireniamu ga
Aa Runa mireniamu muun!
Arashii mireniamu
Bokutachi ha
Kono terra de
Iki tsuzukete yuku!
We'll live out our lives in
this millenium.
Can you see
the far-off moon?
People are waking up to the fact
that our planet
is moving further away from it.
In this new millenium,
will we live to
our Earth?
Oh Luna, show me
Oh Luna, show all of us
how we can start to build up
our planet together.
Oh Luna, be a guide
Oh Luna, to all of us
by replacing doubt and delusions (tell us how we can)
with a planet we can love! (love our new planet!)
Ah Luna, the millenium is
Ah Luna, a Millenium Moon!
In this stormy millenium,
we'll live
for the future
of our Earth!
Oo Runa mite ite yo
Oo Runa bokutachi ga
Utsukushii hoshi wo
Tsukuru kokoro
Wa wa wa~~~~
U ~~~~~~~~~~
Oh Luna, look!
Oh Luna, all of us
have hearts that really
want to create a beautiful planet!
Oo Runa mitabaote yo
Oo Runa bokutachi ga
Mayowazu ni kono te ga
Aisuru no!
Oh Luna, look at my hands
Oh Luna, all of us
had lost our way,
but we want to give love!
Aa Runa mireniamu muun
Aa Runa mireniamu muun!
Aa Runa
Ah Luna, Millenium Moon!
Ah Luna, Millenium Moon!

NOTE: In the line "Mayori naori hoshi no", the words "Atarashii hoshi no" is added in parenthesis. In the video Makoto Tsubasa sings the latter, while in the Shinjin video Yamato Yuuga sings the former. I'm guessing Yuuga's line is the correct one, since it's unlikely that she made it up on the spot.
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