Info/images of the Takarazuka Revue, Japanese all-female theatre troupes that perform musicals.
~ SYNOPSIS AND Translations ~


Tasogare ni mitsumeta ai

Sore ha ano hi no yumeru manazashii

Ima ha hitori

Kaeranai umi ni

Kanashimi utsu

Mou ichido mitsume aeba

Subete hajimari

Ai ni habataki

Ai ni yurete

Atarashii umi ni

Tokete yukou kimi to

Yume ga mieru

Kimi ga ireba

Yume ga hoshii

Kimi to watashi

Nani mo iranai

Kimi ni aitai

Kimi dake ga


Oo oo oo



I met you one evening at dusk

And it was like a shining dream.

Right now, I'm alone.

I can't return to the sea

To which my sadness goes.

If I could find you one more time

Everything would start.

My love is soaring,

It makes me tremble.

I want to go to

The seaside with you.

If you're with me,

I can find my dreams.

I want my dream of being with you

To come true.

I don't need anything else.

I want to see you.

You are the only one....

I like.

Ooh ooh ooh


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