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Info/images of the Takarazuka Revue, Japanese all-female theatre troupes that perform musicals.

Tokyo Takarazuka Gekijou
In Tokyo
From Tokyo central station: 5 minutes by JR bullet train
From Tokyo central station: 10 minutes by subway
From Kyoto: 2 hours by JR bullet train
From Osaka: 3 hours by JR bullet train
Look for:

Tokyo Takarazuka Gekijou theatre is located along the Chiyoda subway line in Tokyo. The nearest station to the theatre is Hibiya station. Or, it can be reached from Hibiya subway station on the Hibiya subway line.
Alternately, the JR Yamanote line is the main rail line in Tokyo. JR Yurakucho station is one station south of Tokyo central station. All Japanese train lines have the station names clearly displayed in English and Japanese so you will easily know when to get off.
Here are directions that were provided to me by friends. The first is for the JR Yamanote rail line, and the second is for the Hibiya subway line.
Take the Hibiya exit from the Yurakucho station. When you exit you should
be across the street from the Yurakucho Building and Estnation. Cross
the street and go left.
Walk straight a ways, until you're across the street from a building with a huge blue sign on top saying:
(At night it's animated)
An exit from the subway Hibiya station will be on your right. Cross the street, then go right. At the end of the block, turn left. (There's a sign for a McDonalds.) Go straight a ways, past the McDonalds, a small Godzilla statue, and the "Chanter" store. You can cross the street (to your right) easily here, or across from the theater. You may see a crowd of Japanese women with cameras.
Takarazuka Tokyo Theater is on your right. You're actually coming at the building from one side.
All the signs for Takarazuka on this side of the building are in Japanese only, and there may be a number of lines whose beginnings and endings are confusing. The most important thing is not to accidentally get in the line for the movie theater next door.
If you're facing the Takarazuka theater, the entrance doors will be straight ahead of you, the Takarazuka ticket window is on your left, and the movie theater ticket window is on your right. The movie theater window because it is the one that says "Tickets" in English above it.
Once you've avoided the movie theater, you still have to get in the right line for Takarazuka. The day I attended had two shows, and three lines. The right hand line was for tickets for the same day, first show. The middle line was for reserved ticket pick-up. The left hand line was for same day, second show tickets. Another way to tell is,if you look at the signs at each window, the line for the first show will have a bunch of kanji, the numeral "1", and more kanji. The line for the second show is the same, except with a numeral "2" and the reservation line is all kanji.
If you have been waiting in line a long time, and need snacks or to use the restroom, there is a quite nice little shopping/restaurant complex just to the right of the movie theater windows. Go down into the basement and there's lots of places to eat and nice clean (western-style, for those who care) restrooms. There's also an AM/PM if you just spent all you money on Takarazuka tickets and can't afford a real meal...
The best way to reach the theatre is by the Hibiya subwau line and get out at the Hibiya stop. The exit for the theatre is listed on the yellow directory sign on the wall as you get off the subway. Go left around the corner and it's on the right side of the street after the Godzilla statue. You'll see the lights of the theatre to direct you.
Regardless of which of the 3 stations you decide to use, the theatre is within a few minutes' walk. The larger-sized tan sections in the map below are simply 1 street block long.

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