Info/images of the Takarazuka Revue, Japanese all-female theatre troupes that perform musicals.
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Versailles no Bara
Rose of Versailles
At the time leading up to the French Revolution, Oscar François de Jarjeyes has been raised as a boy according to her father's wishes, that she may continue the legacy of their family of generals. At 14 she becomes Captain of the Royal Guard protecting Princess Marie Antoinette. Oscar's childhood friend and servant, André accompanies her. Marie is an innocent girl who is promised in marriage to the Crown Prince of France, but she soon meets the dashing Swedish noble Fersen. This dramatic story of love and sacrifice is the best-seller that lead shoujo (girls') manga to being the respected and widely read market it is today. This is the most popular of all Takarazuka performances, having been performed in various versions 1,207 times from 1974-1980 and from 1989-1991.

Black Jack

Black Jack is a mysterious unlicensed surgeon with a scarred face, who dresses in a black cape. As a child he was terribly burned and saved by his half-Japanese, half-black friend who volunteered for a skin graft. Black Jack has resolved to be a surgeon, become wealthy, and repay his friend. Though he charges a fortune for his services, he is extremely skilled with a scalpel and can succeed in even the most unusual cases. This manga was made by "God of Manga" Tezuka Osamu, creator of classics Tetsuwan Atom (Astro Boy) & Jungle Tantei (Kimba the White Lion), who grew up in the city of Takarazuka.
Asaki Yume Mishi
Lived in a Dream
A retelling of the world's first novel, "Tale of Genji".... when Hikaru Genji is dying, his best friend and life-long rival, To-no-Chujo, wishes for a return of the glorious days of their youth. The Time Spirit, who has the power to control time, appears and fulfills this desire, reversing time. After being away for a long time, Hikaru Genji returns to Kyoto and his adoring wife Murasaki-no-Ue. Genji is appointed to look after Rezei-tei, the Imperial Prince. However, his tale is not only one of happy prosperity, but also lament and sorrowful love. A compelling story of understanding and compassion.
Hi no Tori
Also written by the great manga pioneer Tezuka Osamu. this story was adapted as a revue and performed with the musical Black Jack. The manga is actually a series of 12 stories, and is the one which Tezuka considered his life work. The saga focuses on mankind's foolish desire for immortality. If one catches and drinks the blood of the elusive Phoenix, it is said, one will obtain eternal life. The tale moves from the ancient past to the far-off future, from Earth to outer space, and back again, exploring the meaning of life's existance.
Kamen no Romanesque
The Romanesque Mask
In 1830, Valmont and Merteuil are two French nobles known for the games they play with each other. Valmont has his sights set on Madame Marianne as his next conquest, but Merteuil proposes that he "corrupt" young Cécile Volanges, a sweet, innocent girl. Danceney is a kind young man in love with Cécile, but he makes the mistake of becoming friends with Valmont. Merteuil accuses Valmont of falling in love with Marianne, whom he visits in secret. Will this stubborn couple stop hurting each other and admit their love? This is a re-telling of an 18th century French novel, "Les Liaisons Dangereuses". The manga has a different ending from the original novel (as well as all four film versions and one opera), and the Takarazuka musical adaption has a different ending from any of them!
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Takeki Ougon no Kuni
Based on "Kore kara ha Keizai no Jidai ni naru" from Business Jump.
Orpheus no Mado
Orpheus' Window
Habatake Ougon no Tsubasa yo
Golden Wings
Based on "Kaze no Yukue".
Niji no Natasha
Natasha of Rainbows

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